Airdate: Bad Lads’ Army, Life of Mammals

Nine will again delve into the war chest of programmes that have already screened on other networks when it slates the UK reality series Bad Lad’s Army (series 2) and the David Attenborough series Life of Mammals.

The first, made in 2004, has already screened on UKTV and the second, made in 2002, on the ABC.

Bad Lad’s Army is made by the creators of Ladette To Lady and puts a group of delinquent youths through national service, 1950’s style “separating the men from the boys.” The series was filmed in RAF New Zealand Farm Camp near Salisbury Plain and also featured interviews with celebrities who had done National Service themselves in the 1950s. Narrated by Dennis Waterman, it premieres 9:30pm Tuesday July 1 on TCN / QTQ and 9:45pm on GTV.

David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals is a ten part series, the fourth of his major trilogy that began with Life on Earth. Each of the ten episodes looks at mammal groups and their day-to-day existence. The first episode will feature marsupials including the platypus, echidna, kangaroo and koala. It screens from 7:30pm Monday June 30.

Nine is not alone in recycling other shows. Seven has been screening Vicar of Dibley and this weekend ABC airs Wild at Heart which already screened on TEN.

Press Release:
A bunch of out-of-control yobbos get the biggest shock of their lives when BAD LADS ARMY, a new reality series, premieres Tuesday, July 1 at 9.30pm on Channel Nine.

BAD LADS ARMY puts a gang of 30 yobs aged between 18 and 24, with nothing to their name but a string of criminal convictions, through the military mincer – and gives them the chance to turn their wasted lives around by becoming officers in the British Army. They get a major dose of old-style 1950s army discipline, when a short, sharp shock worked wonders, turning boys into men.

But can BAD LADS ARMY go one stage further and turn these 21st century delinquents into officers, let alone gentlemen? Fearsome real-life disciplinarians like Corporals Joe Murray and Richard “Nooky” Nauyokas believe it can.

In episode one the platoon of social misfits come face to face with their military taskmasters for the first time. They don’t waste a minute taking these lads to task and knocking the chips off their shoulders. Sixteen weeks of old-fashioned military training are condensed into one month that pushes these unlikely lads to the limit, changing them physically, mentally, and above all morally. They will learn discipline, team work and respect the hard way.

Home for these renegades for the month is an army base run by 12 soldiers with 200 years of military experience between them. All have been fully briefed in the harsh training methods of the 1950s, a far cry from those of the modern-day army.

Can 1950s-style officer training turn losers into leaders? Fall in for the premiere of BAD LADS ARMY to find out Tuesday, July 1 at 9.30pm on Channel Nine

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  1. Evan you had me scratchin’ my head til I noticed 9:34 should have been 9:45 (see them side by side on the keyboard… my bad).

    It is later in Melb due to EJ Whitten game, and presumably wherever else this plays.

    Corrected with apology.

  2. Anyone notice Nine’s promo last week for Life Of Mammals?

    “And coming in two weeks,” says Standard Nine Come-Hither Female Voice-Over, “the premiere of….” etc etc etc.

    With the ratings for the ABC going the way they are, surely the commercials can’t keep pretending the ABC doesn’t exist? Advertising a six year-old series that’s already been shown on national TV (and has been available on DVD forever – my box set is dusty it’s been so long!) as a “premiere” is astonishing.

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