Airdate: Graham Norton Show

UK personality Graham Norton is coming to ABC2.

Norton, who is openly gay, runs a slick show with monologues, celebrity chat and eccentric stories. He has previously appeared on the Comedy Channel.

ABC will screen the third series of The Graham Norton Show which aired in the UK in April. First guests are Tony Curtis and Kevin Bacon, and Swedish pop singer Robyn.

It airs at 9:30pm Friday July 18 on ABC2.

Press Release:

Graham Norton, the multi-award winning British comedy talk-show host, presents his new talk show based on the people, trends, stories and aspects of celebrity culture that interest him most.

The show is all about the stuff that you won’t see on the news – from celebrity guests’ anecdotes, through the sillier stories buzzing round the wires to the unique quirks and obsessions of the Norton audience.

Expect Norton comedy monologues, celebrity chat, eccentric stories and characters, and home-grown weirdness from the public.

Tonight’s celebrity guests are actors Tony Curtis and Kevin Bacon, and Swedish pop sensation Robyn.


  1. Graham Norton changes shows as much as he does loud jackets. This show has already aired this season on The Comedy Channel last year.

  2. The Gate Keeper

    One of the funniest talk shows going around. The type of segments that end up on Rove. (besides the ones he steals from Conan O’Brien)

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