Airdate: The Hollowmen

It only began shooting this week but Working Dog’s Hollowmen will air in a matter of weeks -on Wednesday July 9. It screens at 9:30pm on ABC1. That’s one fast turnaround….

Leading with the words “Unafraid, uncompromised, unelected,” the series created by Sitch, Gleisner and Cilauro will feature special guest Graeme Blundell in the first episode. Such is the style and reputation of this team that we should expect to see name stars appearing regularly. Sitch will also direct.

The comedy based on the “PM’s think tank” has also been picked up by QANTAS for screening on its flights.

Press Release:

The Hollowmen is a comedy-drama set in the offices of the Central Policy Unit, a special think tank personally set up by the Prime Minister to help him in the most important job of all – getting re-elected. Their brief is “long term vision”; to stop worrying about tomorrow’s headlines, and focus on next week’s.

Created and produced by Working Dog, the series features an ensemble cast: Lachy Hulme (The Matrix Reloaded), David James (All Saints), Neil Melville (Underbelly), Rob Sitch (Frontline) and introducing radio host Merrick Watts with Jacquie Brennan (City Homicide), Rob Carlton (Chandon Pictures), Santo Cilauro (Frontline), Stephen Hall (The King) and Nicola Parry (Thank God You’re Here) and special guest Graeme Blundell.

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