Auditions: untitled talent project?

Channel Seven is looking for an eclectic array of people for a new television programme that seemingly defies categorising.

The audition call is looking for people to act out movie scenes, bring along their performing pet, have a relative who can sing a song or play a prank upon and even have a conflict “resolved in front of an independent and non officious body.”

Is this Judge Judy meets Australia’s Got Talent or Surprise, Surprise Gotcha?

Melbourne auditionees can contact Seven and try their luck. Prizes, and no doubt infamy, await.

Do you enjoy having fun, living life to the fullest and are not afraid of an audience?

Can you recite a whole scene out of your favourite movie?

Do you have a pet cat, dog, mouse or amphibian that can perform a special trick usually reserved for friends and family?

Do you have a niece, nana, aunt or nephew who can entertain you with their special song or dance?

Do you have a major gripe or conflict with someone that you would like resolved in front of an independent and non officious body?

Do you have a dad, mum or nana that you’d love to play a prank on??

Do you want to win some fabulous prizes??????!!!

If you or anyone you know answered yes to any of the questions above, then we want to hear from you!!!

Simply fill out your details on the separate questionnaire document attached above and email it back ASAP to [email protected]

It could be YOU who is chosen to be a part of an exciting new TV production happening right here in Melbourne!!!

Wanna post it instead? Post to 7 Productions, 55 Coventry St, Southbank 3006.
Any questions? Leave a message on 03 9863 6207.


  1. Hey, they got me sucked in — I’ve emailed and thrown the proverbial hat in the ring. Seems the older I get the more outrageous lengths I go to for a laugh. Could mean prizes, but could also mean surefire infamy.

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