Returning: (Celebrity) Singing Bee

Nine’s singing game show, Singing Bee is back in early July with Tim Campbell at the helm.

It will air at 8:30pm Thursdays from July 10 retitled as The Celebrity Singing Bee.

Nine will add a string of celebrities playing for charity to the show including include Dermott Brereton, Suzie Wilks, Russell Gilbert, Bianca Dye, Jo Stanley, Dylan Lewis and Wiggle Murray Cook.

The timeslot is an interesting choice given the show previously aired as family fare on 6:30pm Sundays. It will also run for an hour.

Campbell, who garnered good press for his performance in Shout, takes over the role from the US host Joey Fatone.

With a flick and a high kick, the new series Celebrity Singing Bee premieres Thursday, July 10 at 8.30pm on the Nine Network.

Host Tim Campbell is in his element as the consummate entertainer, taking celebrity guests through the lyrics of our favourite hits. The key element is fun, and with an audience ready to clap, cheer and dance in the aisles, each episode is a rollicking hour of family entertainment.

The rules of the game are simple: “You don’t have to sing it well, you just have to sing it right.”

Each episode sees six brave celebrities stepping into the spotlight, but there will be no middle ground for partially correct answers – one wrong word and they’re out of the game. Lining up to win up to $50,000 cash for charity are Jackie Weaver, Dermott Brereton, Dylan Lewis, Elka Graham, Russell Gilbert, Colin Lane, Bianca Dye, Michala Banas, Jo Stanley, and Wiggles favourite Murray Cook, to name a few.

Each week musicians who gave Australia the hits we all love to sing will perform live in the studio accompanied by The Singing Bee’s music maestro Dorian West and the house band. Belting out tunes live on stage will be Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, John Paul Young, Deborah Conway, Tania Doko, Grace Knight, Greedy Smith and Joe Dolce.

Celebrity Singing Bee is an hour packed with songs and surprises. Who would have thought Dermott Brereton’s natural pitch is near falsetto; that an Underbelly bad boy is a softie for 70s hits; or that Suzie Wilks has a competitive streak that would rival Tiger Woods?

Filmed in the Channel Nine Melbourne studios that have produced so many famous Australian television favourites over five decades, Celebrity Singing Bee is the latest version in the program with a remarkable formula that’s guaranteed to have you singing along at home.


  1. I am sure I caught the closing credits of this show last night when it should have been “Funniest Home Videos”. Did Nine again treat us with contempt and have a late program switch ?

  2. I’ve never been a huge fan of “Celebrity” shows.

    I reckon channel 9 should make a regular version of the Singing Bee to run at 5.30 every weeknight. I think it would compete favourably with Deal or No Deal. Get the “forgotten” Tim to host it….Tim Ferguson!!!

  3. Spot on, Southpat – as soon as the “non-celebrity edition” of a show turns up, you know its days are numbered.

    Interesting, though, that Nine should persist with this one seeing that the US original itself has been axed.

  4. Loved the US version and the local was ok also. I just like pitting my memory against everyone else 🙂 Think David said that Nine do not envisage a long shelf life for this show now that it is “celebratised” ,but that does not matter. I will be tuning in matching wits against competitors (and my know it all daughter)

  5. what an odd timeslot for this, I would have thought it would take the underperorming Tues 7.30pm for sure once Austs got talent finishes next week..the young audience that watches Ramsay at the moment at 8.30pm Thursday will run a mile from this crap.

  6. Oh Dear, 9 are really scrappy the barrel on the celebrity front, we are now starting to see repeat offenders like the celebrity shows in the US. All but one of the celebrities mentioned have appeared on Celebrity Competition shows,their “Celebrities” include Dermott Brereton (Dancing On Ice), Suzie Wilks(Dancing with the stars), Russell Gilbert(It Takes Two), Bianca Dye (Celebrity Dog School), Jo Stanley(It Takes Two), Dylan Lewis(Celebrity Big Brother) but hey even the host was on Dancing with the stars!

    How about 9 use some of the other talent on thier so called roster

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