Seven buys early Gordon Ramsay series

Channel Seven has snapped up Gordon Ramsay’s first television series, Boiling Point -the 5 part fly on the wall series was made in 1998, after he quit his head chef role at Aubergine.

“Gordon Ramsay is a huge name is any field at the moment and Boiling Point is a fascinating look at how it all began,” says Angus Ross, Seven’s Head of Scheduling and Acquisitions.

In the series he is still swearing, (almost) like a trooper.

It screens 10pm Tuesday July 8.

Press Release:
When it comes to food, no-one is hotter than Gordon Ramsay.

His rugged good looks and straight shooting style have made ladies swoon and men jealous. But often forgotten is that this man, whose recent visit to Australia was more like that of a rock star than a chef, is a culinary genius.

When he dramatically quit one of the most coveted head chef roles in Britain at Aubergine, gastronomes were licking their lips at the prospect of his next move. Few would have predicted the huge success of his next venture.

His own restaurant, Gordon Ramsay’s, became a landmark eatery and launched the legend.

In BOILING POINT, a five-part fly-on-the-wall series, the title term is an understatement, especially when his one time mentor Marco Pierre White, the only man to have made Gordon cry, gets involved.

Four-letter words may now be his calling card, but at this early stage of his career all Gordon wanted was a third Michelin star, and he was willing to do anything to get it. But as found in this series, which captures the most dramatic eight months of his life, the super chef would never compromise his work in the kitchen.

Not even Hollywood legend Joan Collins or an esteemed restaurant critic is safe, as they are ejected from his premises. Gordon remains one of just three UK chefs to have achieved the culinary status of three Michelin stars.

His global restaurant empire boasts a combined 12 coveted stars. “Gordon Ramsay is a huge name is any field at the moment and Boiling Point is a fascinating look at how it all began,” says Angus Ross, Seven’s Head of Scheduling and Acquisitions.

“There’s never any shortage of drama when Gordon’s involved but I think people love him because he can back up his words with his actions. He’s a rare treat.”


  1. After re-examining the comments here, I was way too lenient. I have a right to my opinion, and if you don’t like it, too bad too sad. Speedfreak is understandable as we differ on views surrounding a TV personality, but fanger, you’re just out of line. You don’t moan at people to leave countries simply because they watch different television programs to you. It makes you come across as juvenile and immature. And all your comments e.g. “you seem to be obsessed with American shows and hate just about everything else” are full of crap not to mention irrelevant to the topic. If by “everything else” you mean TV series…ah what on earth is the point justifying myself to someone like you. You’re just an ignorant, obnoxious, intrusive human being behind a computer screen. Australian shows have nothing to do with the topic here of Ramsay having a 10 year old show airing on Seven at 10pm, which I said was a good timeslot as a DECADE OLD season of a show is out of place in a primetime slot. That is reasonable logic, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. And that’s the truth. Get over it. Seriously dude. You moan about me having an opinion, but you yourself are having an opinion by whining about my opinion. You just trumped your own argument. I’m not coming back to this post, so you can talk to yourself in this freakin’ topic. There’s too many trolls on the internet and I should have the logic to stay away from them. Bah.

  2. Well, I love Ramsey but I have to say this particular show is fairly dull. I’m not sure why Seven is treating us to a show a decade old when there are so many newer ones around.

  3. Wow isn’t this fun. Fanger, what you said has merits, although you already pointed out what it is you’re getting so riled up about: my opinion. Its just that. You’re entitled to yours and I’m entitled to mine. I’m not being a control freak demanding everyone switch to my taste like you seem to be portraying me to be, and if you’re taking it that way, perhaps you should examine your responses.

    And as for Aussie TV, I do enjoy some programs. Battle of the Choirs is great and I enjoy Australia’s Got Talent from time to time. SYTYCD and Idol are also good in small doses. But ironically enough, most of those programs are based on overseas shows, and I can honestly say I don’t see any originality in any Australian productions. Underbelly was probably the closest. As for scripted series, not much there. City Homicide is just another cop show, All Saints just another medical show, and H&A/Neighbours just sappy soap operas. And don’t even get me started on Canal Road. That thing was doomed to fail from the start. As for Aussie series on TV, there’s plenty. Half the stuff being broadcast are factual shows following cops or firemen or lifeguards or gardening enthusiasts. I’m just not into those shows. Is it really too hard to believe someone wouldn’t watch shows like these? And as for your comment demanding I move to America, that’s just out of line. Australia’s the best country in the world and just because someone thinks the TV here is lacking a bit of substance doesn’t mean they should get shipped off to another nation. There’s more to life than TV, and Australia is splendiferous in those aspects.

  4. I don’t think you understand something Richtob, just because you don’t like something it doesn’t mean that its the way the world should be, if you like something it doesn’t mean that its what the world should like.
    Your opinion is just that, a personal taste.
    You seem to be obsessed with American series and hate just about everything else. There is nothing wrong with what you like and by all means go for it, but just because you dislike something, it doesn’t mean its badly made or crap, it just means that it doesn’t appeal to you or your tv taste buds.
    You talk about saturation of Ramsey on TV, how many American series are there on TV!!!
    Get behind some local content and if you don’t like TV because it doesn’t show all the American Series you ant on it, then don’t watch it, buy cable or move over there!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. You have a point there speedfreak, I do tend to bitch on about this guy. But that’s because he’s just so damn all over the place. It was only a couple of weeks ago he was airing 3 times a week on Nine with Kitchen Nightmares UK, USA and Hell’s Kitchen. And now he’s airing his own Australian Kitchen Nightmares later in the year. My only real point is there are all these slots being dominated by his shows while truly innovative, compelling television series like Pushing Daisies and Chuck get shafted in the process. Then again, Nine also have Farmer Wants a Wife and Celebrity Singing Bee in primetime 8:30pm slots so that says a lot about the quality of their programming. Whenever this guy sneezes it seems to be all over the media, he’s fast becoming the new Ray Martin. Oh, and his shows have definitely taken a hit in the past few months. They used to average around 1.5-1.6 mill every time, now they are only just pushing beyond the 1mill landmark. And regardless of what you think, this “Boiling Points” series that is 10 years old is still not worthy of a primetime slot, and Seven had the sense not to put it there, which was the main point of my earlier post.

  6. richotb, man, you always bitch on about ramsay on this blog don’t you? Give it a rest eh? we know you are not a fan, the guy is extremely popular(you can tell by the ratings he got for his shows on nine).

  7. At least they shafted this to a 10pm slot where it belongs. It isn’t worthy of a real primetime slot. Gordon Ramsay is just the current trend of the season.

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