When ‘Married to the Mob’ meets Married to the Story?

Developing story: “Fellas you got it wrong” said Eddie McGuire tonight referring to photos posted by TV Tonight. And he’s right on that front.

While the media throng were waiting for Danielle McGuire, ACA was chasing Michelle Jones, who claimed to have been Wayne Carey’s girlfriend -the girl who had originally told her tale to ACA. In the QANTAS terminal reporter Nick Etchells was asking a lot about reputation and shame. It seems Jones had misled ACA in their original story (“fellas, you got that wrong?”).

Photos taken on a mobile phone captured the usual current affairs exchange of subject and newshound. The Nine crew weren’t giving up in getting pictures, Etchells was resigned to asking questions even if they were ignored, and the subject kept dodging them all. It’s a process that happens time and time again.

As the arrival of Tony Mokbel’s girlfriend was imminent, there was much confusion at Tullamarine. Danielle McGuire was shuffled out a side door by the AFP. Snubbed by waiting media, news crews were desperate for an angle. Even these photos became part of the story, (by TEN News and ACA), noting that a decoy might have been involved.

When asked earlier today, ACA would not confirm or deny to TV Tonight that they had an interview with Danielle McGuire. After all, it’s a bit of a game, and anything that helped spin a possible scoop is all good -even when the original interview with Michelle Jones was in hindsight inaccurate itself.

Still no word on who the other mystery video-cameraman was…..

Yes Ed, there was only one McGuire on ACA.


  1. Daniel @ What's On The Tube

    Wow, ACA has had a crack at the images how they originally referred to Danielle McGuire(the one night I wasn’t recording). At least you know Nine is taking notice of you David.

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