A long way from Moonlighting

Cybill Shepherd is having something of a minor renaissance on our television screens at the moment -that is if you stray away from analogue, free to air channels for a moment and overlook the fact that the roles were filmed some time ago.

Shepherd appears in two roles this month. One is her performance as TV homemaker Martha Stewart in the telemovie Martha: Behind Bars. Shot in 2005, it looks at the conviction of Stewart for lying to federal investigators. Previously having screened on Showtime it is slated for TEN HD at 12am Thursday July 17 (Wed evening July 16).

Shepherd can also be seen as a regular on the fourth season of The L Word, screening on the MovieExtra channel. She plays the bisexual boss of Bette (Jennifer Beals) who comes out mid-life and starts an affair with Alice (Leisha Hailey). Who’d have thought we’d see a middle aged Cybill Shepherd in bed with a younger woman? That’s acting.

The L Word currently screens Sundays at 9:30pm on MovieExtra.


  1. mel-slirrup

    I recall repeated screenings of a particular clip of Cybill/Martha on Letterman
    searches The Wahoo Gazette
    Dave had so much fun looking at clips from NBC’s Martha Stewart movie that he wants to see his favorite clip again. We see Cybill Shepherd playing Martha Stewart screech up in her SUV along side a jogger, Martha Stewart yells out, “Hey Slut, I’m writing your parents a letter telling them you’re a whore.”

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