ABC sets Fall premieres

US network has set its premiere dates for the Fall season, which could have significant flow on effects for Aussie networks looking to ‘fasttrack’ them here.

In the case of shows that are yet to debut here at all it is particularly relevant. As we know several new series were cut short by the writers’ strike. Now our programmers can work backwards with their episodes to streamline into a new seasons.

Here are the return US dates for several series, cross your fingers this is a turning point for shows here:

Sept 22: Boston Legal
Sept 25: Ugly Betty

Sept 25: Grey’s Anatomy (2 hrs)

Sept 28: Brothers and Sisters

Oct 1: Private Practice

Oct 1: Pushing Daisies

Oct 1: Dirty Sexy Money

Oct 3: Supernanny

Oct 6: Samantha Who?

Oct 9: Life on Mars

Oct 14: Eli Stone

While you’re at it, cross your other fingers there is no actors strike.


  1. As far as Pushing Daisies is concerned, Nine has displayed absolutely no intention of showing it at all, and I doubt they’re waiting for more episodes. They’re more likely waiting for the summer. The show seems to have completely dropped off their radar. Can’t wait for October 1 though, the shortage of episodes of what is easily one of the best shows of the past few years left me craving more…

  2. The Life on Mars pilot was really well done so I’ll be following that to see where the US writers take the show. As for the others, not really interested. BL is great but I’m behind by a number of seasons and I decided to wait for Seven to air Eli Stone.

  3. I doubt ch7 will fast track many of these, the closest they got was DSM.

    Where is Desperate Housewives, isn’t it back Sept 28 on ABC?

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