It’s Demelza!

16yo Demelza has been named Australia’s Next Top Model.

Demelza beat 21yo Alex in the live final at Sydney’s Luna Park tonight.

The win for the 16yo follows ongoing criticism for her behaviour during the season. Tonight in the live final, she apologised to Alamela for any bullying.

The final hosted by ANTM judge Charlotte Dawson following a last-minute withdrawal by host Jodhi Meares who admitted to jittery nerves in hosting a live to air big event. Dawson did a great job hosting at short notice, including a clear acknowledgement to Meares that she was sorry she was not joining them.

Meares’ filmed sequences only highlighted the fact that her autocue reading was entirely obvious.

The judges were tied with 3 votes for each girl, meaning the audience effectively decided the winner.

Demelza wins representation by modelling agency Priscilla’s for 12 months, a Ford Fiesta Zetec, a contract as the face of Napoleon Perdis cosmetics, an all expenses paid trip to New York to meet top international agencies and eight-page spread with Vogue Australia.

“See you next series, goodnight!” said Dawson signing off.


  1. wilmawalrus

    Why on earth would you take a gig like this if you’re not prepared to do all that it entails? How pathetic, not to mention unprofessional!!! Hope Ms Meares gets the boot!

  2. yeah, that video messgae of jodhi’s at the start was just ridiculous..Charlotte looked amazing and did a fantastic job…they either need to find another “model” for next year to host or give the gig to Charlotte, if Jodhi cant stand the heat then she needs to get out of the kitchen…for good!

  3. Demelza was the clear winner from the first ep. Good for her. Alex was a stuck up bitch.
    And here’s to Charlotte taking over as host from nervous nelly Jodhi. Really, how can the producers let that sort of behaviour be rewarded with further hosting duties next series? The host doesn’t even TURN UP for the finale?? Really? Embarassing. Charlotte was excellent.

  4. dammmmit. I literally just sat down to watch the final, and stupid me had to quickly check my google homepage and the first thing I see is this stories headline.

  5. Charlottes hosting was excellent and I suggest she replace or even co host next year. But the finale was still poorly executed. Jodhi’s video message was embarrassing and unnecessary. Kristie Clements was right when saying Demelza lacked model sensibility for Vogue and I bet she’ll only get editorial and not front cover. Demelza’s rehearsed apology to Alamela made me gag too! Sorry but her career = epic fail.

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