NCIS’ Aussie showrunner

Fans interested in learning about “showrunners” should read an article in yesterday’s Australian newspaper about Bendigo-born Shane Brennan, 51, who is now the showrunner on NCIS.

“It’s a long way from Bendigo to Hollywood,” he said on the phone from Los Angeles. “I’m what’s called an overnight success. But it’s taken me 25 years.”

Brennan joined Crawfords Productions as a scriptwriter on Cop Shop and later wrote for State Coroner, Embassy, The Flying Doctors, All Together Now, The Man From Snowy River, Stingers, McLeod’s Daughters and Blue Heelers.

Brennan says he finally left Australia after he and a friend were told a program idea they pitched to a local TV network was ‘stupid.’

“A year after I got (to the US) the same sort of idea was turned into a series and it was called Cold Case,” he says. “It was the final straw. (There is) a lot of politics in certain areas of Australian TV”.

These days he helms the $70m production of NCIS overseeing everything. Check out the article here, it’s a good read.

Source: The Australian

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  1. Would love to hear more of his thoughts on AUS Tv, before two days I ago I never knew this guy existed, he has an amazing list of credits to his name, but its strange how he/we define success because they do well in the US.
    I wonder if he meant Politics or Political Correctness.

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