"You gotta stalk his ass"

Now this is PURELY speculation… but you would have to hope these auditions APPARENTLY for the US version of Kath & Kim didn’t get the role of Donna. And who is Donna you might ask? When last we heard, the role of Sharon had been retitled as Heather (formerly Debbie)….

There’s nothing to denote when these supposed auditions were filmed, or how legit they are. If they are real may provide more insight into early script writes for the series. Draw your own conclusions on whether YouTube has uncovered some legitimate info…..no doubt EVERYTHING is taken out of context.

Meanwhile Molly Shannon had more to say about Kath & Kim to an NBC affiliate here, talking about the show’s single-camera shoot, and likening it to The Office in format.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking here, but fans will be interested.

And bonus, her colleague gives you tips on allergies!


  1. I don’t think so :/
    You’ve got nothing but names in the Household and all of a sudden you through in a nobody in a pivotal role?
    Doubt it. This gal was terrible.
    Sure it could have been an actual audition, but how seriously it was taken? Well it ended up on YouTube for a laugh 😛

  2. I hope the script is nothing like that – what did they do to Sharon?

    It sounds like a bad American sitcom that’s missing the laugh track. (and I hope to god they don’t use a laugh track!)

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