Airdate: Taken Out

TEN’s new dating show Taken Out will premiere at 7:00pm on Monday September 1st.

The ambitious show with “30 girls, 30 lights, one arena and one guy” will be stripped five nights a week.

“There’s no creepy puns or wacky zany robots – just a bunch of guys and girls putting themselves on the line,” said James Kerley.

During the series the sexes are reversed with single girls taking their chances with the panel of 30 guys.

The series is produced by FremantleMedia and shot in Melbourne.

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  1. What can I say I love your show.
    and channel 10 are losers to get rid of it they should of put it on at 8 cuz 6 is a bad time familys arent gona watch it durrhhh..
    anyways now channel {v} has it (thank the lord)
    this show helped me find my soulmate

    thans babez.

  2. What happened to taken out
    Was supposed to be on fri night but simpsons is on now.

    Surely they could’ve played one more episode to finish off the week.

    Or is it doing that badly that they took it off straight away

  3. Taken out is the only show on television(maybe even in the last 10years) that I will actually go out of my way to watch! It’s enjoyably light hearted & trashy, yet REFRESHINGLY HONEST amongst the onslaught of backstabbing s**t(big brother,survivor etc.)! Ten/fifteen years ago Australian tv,cinema used to be magnificent & world class! What the F***happened! Packed to the rafters,city homicide etc are absolutely pathetic & an insult to what this great country is capable of! Taken out is a luscious step back in time,when tv(other than sbs & the abc) were actualy worth watching! I thoroughly enjoy watching “Taken out” for there is nothing rarer in this world than honest,inocent FUN! And realy, what is there more delightful in life or as a role model to children than dating. Yours sincerely D.Francis(I’m 33)

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