One last time, they’re great mates

Hopefully this is the last that needs to be said on the matter, as Sunrise producer Adam Boland again sought to allay speculation of a rift between Melissa Doyle and David Koch. You get the feeling these guys would kinda like to move on too…but if the press keep asking, what else can you say?

In an article on the arrival of Fifi Box to his show, Boland said yesterday he was mystified by claims of tension between the show’s stars over how much each is paid.

“Despite the wishes of our opponents, Mel and Kochie are closer than ever — and, frankly, I think it’s hurtful that their friendship would be questioned,” he said.

“Kochie and Mel are one of the great partnerships of Australian television.

“That would never have happened unless they were great mates.

Others at the network point to the chemistry between Doyle and Koch as they work side by side, around the clock on Seven’s Olympic coverage.

And, in a recent magazine article printed before the claims of a row between them, Doyle said the pair were mates with “respect” for each another. “Kochie is a good mate.

“You can’t fake that kind of thing,” she said.

Done and dusted. Without any more evidence let’s all move on….

Source: PerthNow

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