Returning: Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica

Sci Fi fans rejoice, your pleas have been heard.

Torchwood and Battlestar Galactica are finally returning, both slated for TEN HD in September.

Torchwood returns at 10:30pm on Monday September 1st on TEN HD. “Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang” aired in the UK in January. A third series is slated in the UK for 2009.

Battlestar Galactica is back with a “movie length series return” of two episodes at 8:30pm Thursday September 4th. Series 4 begins with a two parter entitled “Razor” which aired in the US in November.

“Razor” was the first television film based on the 2003 reimagining of the Battlestar Galactica franchise. The movie was a part of the Season 4 episode order of 22 episodes, two of which were taken up by the movie despite being one continuous feature.

Razor doesn’t directly carry on from the events at the end of season three but, instead, is set sometime just before “Lay Down Your Burdens” detailing the sparsely known history of the Pegasus from after the Cylon attack. However, Razor was also intended to act as a backdrop for season four by seeding subtle insights of events yet to occur despite its apparent discontinuity between the preceding and successive sea.

Additional source: Wikipedia.

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  1. Torchwood had a glorious run of 3 episodes from the second series, and now it is gone. Why? I asked Channel 10 but have had no response to my question “Will it return?”.

    I just bought the box set and to hell with the free-to-air broadcasts.

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