Airdate: Before the Game grand final edition

With the Grand Final on Seven this year, the logical place for TEN's last panel show is, the night before the game...

TEN’s grand final edition of Before the Game will air at 8:30pm Friday September 26.

All the regulars, Mick Molloy, Dave Hughes, Andrew Maher, Sam Lane, Peter Helliar and Lehmo will be joind by Ryan Fitzgerald plus a number of AFL players.

This year of course the AFL Grand Final is on the Seven Network, but TEN gets the Brownlow Medal.

Please check local guides in non-AFL states for confirmation.

Press Release:
It’s the eve of the 2008 AFL Grand Final clash and what better way to wait the night out than to join the Before the Game gang for their finale extravaganza! Join Mick Molloy, Dave Hughes, Andrew Maher, Sam Lane and Lehmo as they analyse the match-ups and discuss the odds for the big game.

Hotter than a meat pie with sauce, the show will be bursting with AFL players and personalities, entertainment, competitions and live crosses. We’ll announce ‘The Tool of the Year’ for 2008, Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald will show us his final Make-a-Wish segment and, of course, Strauchanie will take us…well, somewhere!

So sit back, relax and get ready for the second biggest football spectacular of the year.

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  1. I hope they show this live on ten hd or even ten sd in Sydney, I’m not a big AFL fan but I enjoy the show when we get it on HD, the NRL could do with a show like this run by afl fan media/comedy personalities and not boofy ex footballers.

  2. Sooner BFG makes Ryan Fitzgerald a regular panel member the better. He’s funny, a former player who can comment on the game from experience and just seems to be naturally funny while Hughsie, Lehmo and Mick seem to try too hard. Andrew Maher looks like a dad trying to dress cool and be funny and fails at both. Sam Lane has gotten better because she is concentrating on being the “straight man” by actually asking some serious footy questions.

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