Airdate: Olympic Welcome Home Parade

Seven will air the welcome home parade for the 2008 Olympic Athletes taking place in Sydney next Monday at 12pm for 90 minutes.

A Melbourne parade airs at 1pm on Wednesday September 17th for one hour in Melbourne.

Given the time in between the closing ceremony and the welcome home parade is so long, it’s a shame they didn’t wait for the Paralympians to join them. From memory they get their own parade, hopefully to screen on ABC later.

Seven will follow the Melbourne parade with an Extreme: Celebrity Scandals special ….which may or may not be where some athletes eventually wind up in years to come.


Photo: 2004 Welcome home parade


  1. god a parade now is it? Can we bring tomatoes like the italians? I mean they got beaten by Great Britain in the gold tally after they boasted that they would smash them. Now they get a parade?

    I know what i’ll be throwing! Insults!!! LOL

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