Greg Berlanti Returns with sci fi

Brothers and Sisters' Greg Berlanti is developing a series about the impact of alien arrivals.

Greg Berlanti (Brothers and Sisters, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, Everwood, Dawson’s Creek) is developing a sci-fi project with writer Rene Echevarria for the ABC network.

Berlanti and Echevarria are behind The Return, which revolves around the impact on the world, including the White House, when aliens land.

Echevarria has written for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and executive produced The 4400 and Dark Angel. His other credits include Medium and Now and Again.

Both Berlanti and Echevarria are both on board as exec producers on The Return.

Source: Variety

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  1. SO it will be like ‘V’ and ‘Alien Nation’..fizzle out after one season.US tv stations have no faith in Sci-Fi TV and they dont last long (well put a few sexy young scantily clad men/women in it and they do!)

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