‘Nooooo Bingo’ at local council

Local council elections next weekend in New South Wales sees a number of familiar faces standing as candidates.

Tanveer Ahmed, best known as Mr. “Nooo Bingo” from Seven’s National Bingo Night, is standing for the Liberals in Marrickville. Ahmed said his candidacy in a traditionally Labor-Green area was an investment in his future. “It’s educational with the idea that 10 years down the track I’d want to be more serious about politics,” he said.

Ahmed moved into the area 18 months ago. “And we had a baby, so suddenly I give a stuff about the footpaths and the parks,” said the doctor, comedian, actor and writer.

Eka Darville, 19, who played Adam in ABC TV’s Blue Water High, is running third on the Our Sustainable Future Party ticket in Byron Bay. “That’s my main motive for actually going ahead with doing this,” Darville told the Sunday Telegraph. “To get a bit of a profile in local politics just so that, when I do want to stand on my own ticket in the future, whether for mayoral candidacy or as a councillor, people already know who I am.”

South Sydney league star Craig Wing, who recently singed on as a Foxtel ambassador, is trying his hand in Randwick with a view to entering state politics in 2011, he’s said to be running on an anti-parking meter platform.

Rose Tattoo lead singer Angry Anderson is one of 87 candidates contesting Warringah Council for the first time since it was sacked six years ago.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. To his credit, he sorta has.

    It shows how effective he was in his comedy in such a short spate of time. Any actor in accepting a role considers how it will typecast them, and Tanveer must have considered that when he donned the fake accent, it was likely to reverberate through such a profile show. I think it’s good that he has illustrated he was acting a part and the story shows he has other aspects to his persona (including noting that he is a doctor). That said, this is a television blog, so we come to the story with interest from a TV perspective -at this point in time he is best known in TV for that role.

  2. It just amuses me that Tanveer, who is also a psychiatrist, journalist and social commentator – among other things, has been reduced in most people’s eyes as “that Indian guy from National Bingo Night”.

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