Reminder: 30 Rock, Boston Legal new times

Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy fans don't forget there are two more eps in unusual timeslots.

Now Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy fans don’t forget the current season of 30 Rock is drawing to a close on Seven, with two – count them two – episodes slated outside its normal Monday slot:

Friday Sept 26 11:15pm “Sandwich Day”
Tuesday Sept 30 11:30pm “Cooter” season finale

Also having an adjusted time are the last two episodes of Boston Legal at 11pm Monday night Sept 29 and Oct 6. At 10:30pm Seven returns Out of the Question with Glenn Robbins.

The “Cooter” episode won an Emmy this week for writing in a comedy series. It guest stars Matthew Broderick.

Please check local guides.

8 Responses

  1. At least Seven have shown the entire first two seasons of 30 Rock. And we are almost up to where the US is in terms of episodes shown. Compare that to Ten and “The Office” where they are about a season and a half behind.

  2. agree with RichoTB

    Shows that work and get loyal audience should not be moved for other tripe.
    30 rock is acquired taste – hated first 2 or 3 eps but went back one night and now hooked.

    OOTQ will stuff up Boston Legal fans

    Crap gets better timeslot
    Class left to 11 pm – stupid move.

  3. 30 rock steals jokes from many animated shows i’ve noticed and rips scrubbs off too. I think it’s a little over-rated but i still enjoy it. Always nice to see a show like that make it good.

  4. Why didn’t they just leave 30 Rock and BL to finish their seasons in their usual timeslots? Its only 2 weeks. Then they could have brought back that awful OOTQ without compromising the rest of the shows. Then again, its late night viewing, so the ratings don’t really matter, but there will be some annoyed viewers who tune in to the old timeslots and wonder where their shows have gone.

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