Returning: Til Death. Gone: David Attenborough

Sorry David Attenborough, you're just not funny enough.

Nine is returning the FOX comedy ‘Til Death to screens from Monday night September 29.

The comedy featuring Brad Garrett will air at 8pm following another repeat of (you guessed it) Two and a Half Men at 7:30pm.

“Tale of the Tape” is the fourth episode of the second series. It aired in the US last October.

It would appear that audiences have had enough of David Attenborough each week.

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  1. In all fairness to Nine, correct me if I’m wrong haven’t David Attenborough’s Docos been going downhill especially since Idol? I’m aware the ratings did drop quite significantly after the Olympics, but I think and would imagine the ratings would have only gotten worse with Idol Eviction Night…

    – Spunkymonkeycaesar

  2. David, Have Nine sent out latest Press release ?

    We, the network formerly known as The One but now known as Shuffle City or Ramsay & Sheen Overload HAVE officially decided that programming shows on Monday nights is a waste of time for us.

    We, the home of 2987 TV personalties on our books, (most warehoused) can’t work out how to win Monday night, so we have

    Given Up !

    R A S O
    Head Chimp Programmer

    P.S. Anyone know phone number of that suave network executive Jack Donaghy, from 30 Rock.

    Maybe he has some ideas.

  3. ok nine here it goes: get your bloody act together. OK i like two and a half men, but seriously this is absolute overkill. Australia will tire, and they will tire fast. stick to 7pm weekdays, and the double eps on tuesday (if at least one is new). If you haven’t learnt already from your mistakes nine, you need to learn NOW. You’ve already killed the Ramsay phenomenon, and now it looks like the Attenborough-lovin has come to an end as well.

    This happened because of one reason – you overplayed them. Ramsay was killed when you played 3 eps a week of 3 different series, he could still be a hero if you stuck with the one ep a week on thursday. David Attenborough docos have been airing constantly since February, and I don’t know what killed it off really, overplay or the tougher competition (it is up against two of the nations top shows after all – Border and Force).

    I do applaud Nine for actually sticking with a poor rating show long enough for it to pick up an audience, and Two and a Half Men has taken years to provide Nine with solid figures, so a message to Nine – WHY STUFF IT UP NOW?

  4. Why can’t 9 just have a nice variety of things?

    “It would appear that audiences have had enough of David Attenborough each week.”

    I’m not surprised. 10 are the biggest offender of oversaturation with ads but 9 are nearly even with them when it comes to oversaturation of the same shows!

    Soon Til Death will be on every second.

  5. I was going to comment about the commercial channels and the fact that they cannot be trusted with quality content but that’s not the problem. It’s the audiences that are too stupid to tell the difference between good and bad television.

    As with politicians, we get what we deserve.

  6. Why do ppl think its on 8 or 9 times a week? With this amendment, it will be 10.

    It’ll look like this

    2.5 Men:
    Monday 7:00pm-8:00pm: 2 eps
    Tuesday 7pm-7:30pm, 8:30pm-9:30pm: 3 eps
    Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm: 3 eps
    Thursday 7pm-7:30pm: 1 ep
    Friday 7pm-7:30pm 1 ep


    Unless, that is, that HITW bump was only for that 1 week. In which case it will be 9 eps a week. Still, thats more than overkill. And I still don’t think it should be legal.

    All that makes up Nine’s schedule these days is Two and Half Men. Why don’t they just axe every show they have, and just play Two and a Half Men all day?

    Hahaha that seems to be the sad reality. Nine may as well change their slogan from “We Heart TV” to “We Heart 2.5 Men”. I wonder if anyone’s that big of a 2.5 men junkie that they will actually sit down and watch all 10 eps next week?

  7. This has got to be a joke – T&HM is getting worse than The Simpsons over at Ten…what the hell are Nine programers thinking?!?

    That now means that T&HM screens 8 episodes a week! And thats without any weekend episodes….and why Til’ Death? it bombed during the Olympics….seriously, why not The Big Bang Theory? fantastic show that is so badly unappreciated by Nine
    They’ve just gone the right way to finishing 4th behind SBS next week in the timeslot…Top Gear will kill them (and possibly Idol too)

  8. Nine should concentrate on double 2.5 Men on Thursday’s and have Hole in the Wall follwing 2.5 Men on a Tuesday and leave it at that. Stick The Big Bang Theory with Til Death (which I don’t like and does no worse than what TBBT got).

  9. jesus… ANOTHER episode of TAAHM?

    so its now… two episodes on monday, three on tuesday and wednesday, and one each on thursday and friday.

    overkill obviously isn’t a word that nine know the meaning of. Still, they’re yet to beat the Simpsons record of 14, when it was running at 6pm daily, 7pm weeknights and a double at 7.30 tuesdays..

  10. So there’s now 2 x 2.5 men on Mondays, 3 x 2.5 men on Tuesdays, 3 x on Wednesdays (that’s if ch9 don’t decide to replace Hole with another ep on the back of the 1.5m this week) and 1 x on Thurs and 1 x on Friday, that’s 10 episodes a week… five hours! That’s 2 hrs more that Ramsay at his peak.

  11. i was still watching the docos but it was getting pretty tiring, i think they are best off as an occaisional thing not every week. although now i won’t be watching at all, till death doesn’t interest me.

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