Seven’s ‘bumpy’ Thursday

The AFL semi finals have caused a flow on effect to Thursday night viewing that pushes most of Seven’s prime time shows back by 30 minutes.

Because of the 8pm Friday telecast of the Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs game, Home and Away has had to make room for Better Homes and Gardens at 7pm.

As a result the soapie will have a double episode screening at Thursday night.

Make Me a Supermodel will air at 8pm and Ghost Whisperer at 9pm.

But something has had to give which is American Dad, now out of schedule.


7pm Home & Away
8pm Make Me a Supermodel
9pm Ghost Whisperer “Holiday Spirit” / “Slam”
10:50pm Family Guy “Back to the Woods”


  1. In Seven’s defence (and I hate Seven), they did not have to take the Friday night game. My understanding is that whilst they take Friday and Sunday through H&A season, they are not obligated to take the same days during finals. Consequently they would have been waiting to see where the AFL scheduled the various games and who was playing.

  2. You’ve got to feel for poor Ghost Whisperer fans who use printed guides as their source for programming the VCR or PVR.

    This Thursday they’ll now see half an hour of the first episode and none of the unscheduled second.

    Seven could *easily* have planned ahead for this. And they probably did, but just didn’t tell anyone because of their paranoia about the competition.

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