Take two on Taken Out

One contestant on Taken Out seemed just that little bit more familiar than the others…

Kalia, who was the lucky girl on Tuesday night to win a date with the single guy, will be remembered by viewers who saw the first episode of Power of Ten on Channel Nine earlier this year.

Of course in television there’s always a queue of ready-made contestants happy to move from show to show. Last year we even had one contestant on 1 vs 100 appearing on the same night as their appearance on The Rich List. That was enough to short circuit any remote control. At the time media even called him a “game show junkie.”

When Kalia appeared on the Power of Ten she told Steve Jacobs she was a promo model and gave three reasons why she would succeed: 1. “I love going around and talking to completely random people all the time”, 2. “I’ve been in hospital with a broken ankle and spent 24 hours there talking and listening to different people”, and 3. “As a promo model, I’m constantly associating with different people all the time.”

To her credit she was a winner on the night, but only with $100 bucks.

On Wednesday night on Taken Out it seemed the date didn’t go quite so well, either.  For what it’s worth, the show has had more than its share of trouble finding male contestants. If that guy who appeared on 1 vs 100 wants to make it a hat trick, he could always try TEN next?


  1. yea i actually know this girl, shes quite nice. anyway, most games shows feature regular contestants who have seemed to be on every game show. A guy i know myself, has been on Temptation, Millionaire, Wheel, Deal or No Deal, Rich List and even the mob on 1 vs 100.

  2. The show is slow, even the girls don’t even seem to be getting in to it.
    The host is boring.
    Please can this show bee TAKEN OUT of our lives.

  3. I’ve switched over three times this week as my gf insists on watching Idole and everytime that muppet of a host is talking to the same girl.

    How long until 10 brings back the Sipmsons to replace it?

  4. Half the contestants have also been on either Series 1 or Series 2 of Shopping for Love – says something about people wanting to get their 15 minutes of fame

  5. must admit this is not a new phenomenon though, years ago there used to be serial game show contestants that would appear on Blankety Blanks then Sale Of The Century then whatever else was on at the time.. 🙂

  6. This girl goes to every audition there is!

    She was at the wheel of fortune auditions and struck out in the first round… she cried so much! I’ve seen her on the Power of One also.

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