Top Gear Australia: “How good is this, guys?”

Pssst. Wanna hear what's inside the sizzle reel of the local version of Top Gear Australia?

TV Tonight has just spied the sizzle reel for Top Gear Australia, a two minute trailer designed to whet the appetite for the show that launches on September 29.

Here’s a bit of an overview of what it held:

Lots of vista shots of Australia’s wide open spaces, hot-wiring a car, dirt, a speed race, a hotted up monaro, rally driving, climbing into a car thru the window, deep sea driving with sharks, sausages and a leg of lamb, “every episode I nearly get killed”, ‘Black Betty’, smashing a passenger door, the snow, an aboriginal elder, aerial shots, a right hand drive Ford GT, lizards, camera filters, a road train, black racing cars, a crocodile, The Stig, cows, an open mine explosion, one of those great big hauling trucks, standing on the roof, ‘The Boys Light Up’, the outback, “the car I’m driving is better than sex”, a bloke on a horse, “where are we goin’?”, and…. “how good is this, guys?”

Feels very, VERY Australian.

You can also read more about TGA in an article today here.

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  1. I know stuff all about cars. But the Top Gear guys could be waxing about the political impact of the paper industry on the poorest people of India and it would STILL be the funniest thing on TV.

    Great cinematography sure is one thing. Coupled with dynamic hosts with wits as sharp as an epileptic Ladyshave and you got yourself one essential TV show.

  2. I agree the cinematography is up there with the hosts in the UK version. The sizzle reel is only two mins but there is some eye-candy cinematography yes, which is why I included aerial shots and camera filters in the description. But let’s wait for the reel deal….

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