Airdate: Rugby League World Cup

Channel Nine will air the Rugby League World Cup: Australia v New Zealand at 8:30pm Sunday October 26th.

Other teams to play in the series will include England, France, PNG, Scotland, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.

The series will conclude in Brisbane on November 22nd.

Amid calls for the television ratings to be tallied excluding Olympics, Seven has previously said Nine’s World Cup Series should also nullify ratings for its relevant weeks. Advertisers have traditionally removed Olympics and Commonwealth Games from annual results.


  1. Taking off RLWC off official ratings weeks is ridiculous.

    Nine will be showing 9 games over 5 weeks – a total of maybe 20-25 hours in coverage. Seven showed rolling coverage of the Olympics for two weeks for something like 18 hours a day.

    Honestly, I think Seven would still win the weeks anyway even if the RLWC (hopefully) rates its pants off.

    Also, David, Are they showing England v PNG (the actual first game of the competition) and all the other games that Nine have live across the nation?

  2. it should not count in the yearly ratings, if 7 have to discount the olympics.
    remember, 9 started the year with the ODI cricket finals in the ratings period as well..

  3. Seven’s wrong. It should be counted for three reasons.
    1. There has been a eight year gap between RL World Cups.
    2. It will be popular mainly with Sydney and Brisbane viewers unlike the Olympics which has national appeal
    and finally 3. I believe Seven is losing in the Brisbane market minus the Olympics.

  4. I don’t see the point in nullifying the ratings for the relevant weeks of the Rugby League World Cup. As much as I love the game it’s not like it’s gonna attract and audience like the Grand Final for instance.

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