Airdate: Swift and Shift Couriers

Amanda Keller acting? Ian Turpie doing comedy? Melissa Tkautz back on screen? Angry Anderson being angry once again?

It’s all part of the drill of SBS’ next comedy series, Swift and Shift Couriers. Made by Paul Fenech (Pizza),it promises to parody “the people, the politics and the outrageous events of a working-class business.”

It also promises “a ton of celebrity cameos.” Bring it on.

It starts 8:30pm Monday Oct 27 on SBS, replacing South Park.

Press Release:
From the makers of Pizza, comes Swift and Shift Couriers, a hilarious new comedy that parodies the people, the politics and the outrageous events of a working-class business. Starting on SBS on Monday October 27 at 8.30pm, Swift and Shift Couriers follows the incompetent, inappropriate and absurd day to day dramas of the staff at Hashfield depot.

Most people come across couriers bustling about in their trucks and on their bikes, cutting traffic, parking illegally and delivering packages across the CBD. On paper, their profession seems relatively simple. The customer calls in a job, the call centre passes on details to dispatch, they in turn book a courier to arrange the pick up and deliver in a timely manner – easy right?

So how does the team at Swift and Shift Couriers always manage to stuff it up!

Depot manager Keith (Ian Turpie) has worked at Swift and Shift for over 20 years. Despite his wealth of experience, Keith reports to the younger “text book” regional manager Amanda (Amanda Keller). Amanda is determined to prove that she can whip Keith’s underachieving team into shape and gives him six months to turn the business around.

Keith knows that transforming is going to be harder than it seems, especially when you have misfits that include call centre newbie Leanne (Kirsty-Lee Allen) “popular” sales rep Melissa (Melissa Tkautz), couriers “Mario” (Paul Fenech) his cousin “Luigi” (Sam Greco), the twins, and Agro (Angry Anderson). Not to mention the lazy loading docks boys headed up by Kiwi Kev (Kev Taumata.)

Will Keith manage to turn the Hashfield depot into a well oiled machine? Or will Amanda finally get what she wants and shut the place down?

Only one thing is for certain, the new series, Swift and Shift Couriers will deliver big laughs, more stunts and a ton of celebrity cameos.

In episode one: It’s Leanne Murdoch’s first day at the Swift and Shift Courier Company. Keith is given six months to improve his hapless staff; and his couriers lose the NRL grand final trophy.


  1. It gives you a great laugh, watching it for the second time around, i know people like that in the show that i work with tops stuff keep it up .

  2. What a blast of fun air to tv.I love this show and can’t wait for it to be on dvd ,well I hope it will.Congratulations SBS and Mario Fenech on creating a real life comedy.

  3. Hey zorxi – nope, I’m nowher near 80 and trust I had no problem with the content (racism, gay jokes, male/female jokes etc – that’s all good) but it just wasn’t funny. it was stupid. Some of the worst acting and terrible, terrible characters. A child could write better comedy than this. I am not judging those that found it funny – good luck to you but I thought it was shockingly amateur and awful.

  4. to the above comment
    mate how old are you are you like 80 or something
    how could it not make you laugh.
    im sure im probably heaps younger than you but this style of comedy is very funny and the great cast really tops it all off.
    look if its rascism thats bothering you its not really rascism just ethnik humour and im sure a lot of people including my self who come from ethnik backgrounds can relate and find the humor in this show.
    swift and shift couriers- fantastic show havent laughed at the t.v like that for years
    much better than the south park s**t on before it

  5. Are you people all insane? That was one of the most excruciatingly bad half hours of television I have ever seen. It never even raised a smile on my dial. The comedy was rubbish, the characters were far too over the top and lame, the acting was worse than amateur theatre and the set design and production standards were crap. What is going on here?

  6. I am a courier for one of Australias biggest transport companiers, when I watched the show on Monday night I thought I was back at work…..great cast, what a cack….many thanx for the laughs

  7. lincoln mackay

    heheheh have more to say as we all come to terms with the the new show and yes yes yes that was funnys comerdy in a long time that SBS has pop out long live the pizza crew ………….you have all my mates and the monday night SBS p**s up all happing agen yyyyyyeeeeeerrrrrrr wwwwwwweeeeeee love it keep it up

  8. To the above poster, Turpie looks just fine.
    I know a woman who worked as an extra on this series, she says SWIFT AND SHIFT rocks big time!
    And she is very honest.
    I would say to all comedy fans/sick-of-cop-show-fans….WATCH IT.

  9. Doug from Perth

    I loved the very first series of Fat Pizza but sadly it lost spark with each subsequent incarnation.

    Hopefully this looks like it might return to the inspiration of that first one with a lot of guest cameos and fresh characters.

  10. I’ll be tuning in to see Amanda Keller – love her to death.

    Wasn’t a fan of Fat Pizza, but this has got to be better than the current series of South Park. Completely unfunny.

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