Housos vs Virus / Regular Old Bogan: promo

Paul Fenech & co. run riot over Lockdown, plus "Australia's answer to South Park" on 7mate.

The irrepressible Paul Fenech is back soon with his new series Housos vs Virus: The Lockdown on 7mate.

This will be paired with a new animated series Regular Old Bogan -described as “Australia’s answer to South Park.”

Australia’s answer to South Park, Regular Old Bogan is an adult animated comedy series with a big heart and even bigger balls. This love letter to Australia revolves around the adventures of the Stubbs family – dad Gavin Stubbs, a stubborn and misinformed tradesman; overbearing mum Wendy, a primary school teacher; Toby, their often bullied, hypersensitive teenage son; and Mary Sue, their foul-mouthed, six-year-old daughter. The Stubbs are a typical family from the suburbs, but this isn’t a family drama – it’s an adventure show. In each episode, they encounter outrageous situations like fighting terrorists, facing Death Row in a Balinese prison or getting lost in the outback when they’d much rather be at home firing up the barbie and talking about the latest specials at Aldi. Regular Old Bogan is produced by Stepmates Studios for 7mate.

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