Airdate: The Daily Show, Bumped: The Office

TEN has picked up the rights to the global edition of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Airing as a weekly show it premieres at 11:20pm Sunday November 9th. The compilation from his daily editions, used to air on SBS.

His daily editions currently screen on the Comedy Channel.

This pushes The Office back to 11:50pm. The following week it will be 12:10am.

Good news for fans of Jon Stewart. Not so good for Steve Carrell fans….


  1. Daily Show and Colbert are available to watch online for free on Comedy Centrals website, the episodes are uploaded moments after they finish airing.

    There archives go back about 5 years.

    Its amazing with the unlimited amount of media/TV shows/news/movies on the net to choose from people are still crying when they cant see a show on FTA.
    It’s 2008 people, TV as we used to know it, is officially gone, today its about choice and convenience.

  2. “Sam Atwell on October 31st, 2008 3:39 pm

    #@!$% you Ten”

    Come on Sam,… US Office has jumped the shark, besided everyone who likes it already torrents it, but it is strange how Ten are just beginning to air The Daily Show (albiet the global edition) just after the US election… well played… it’ll really capitalise on that post election fizz

  3. # Rick on November 1st, 2008 1:43 pm

    I didn’t even know TEN screened Curb Your Enthusiasm? Are they still screening it? And if so, when will they screen season 6?

    Nine has aired upto season 5 of CYE. As for season 6, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for nine to air it. Considering they only aired 5 unaired episodes of the show(season 5) a few months back and then yanked it again, I suspect it will be a while before they(9) show that too.

  4. If The Office could get a decent run at a reasonable hour, Channel Ten could win a time slot. Unfortunately, with the chopping and changing, you lose continuity and you stop caring. Thank goodness for DVDs. It is such a well written show and the characters are spot on. Sometimes you (Channel 10!!) have treasure in front of you but are clueless.

  5. The global edition (aka The Weekly Daily Show) just doesn’t have the same feel as the daily edition (granted i skip most of the interviews on TDS unless i like the guest).

    I could see why 10 would hesitate, as they take 1 to 2week breaks quite regularly and often without advance notice. Which means 10 would need a fillin show for those weeks, and TDS and TCR are only on 4 days a week.

    Due to its nature it probably woludn’t be able to be shown on FTA before 8 (even with the beeps, stupid tv laws), id love to have TDS and TCR aired at 10:30 and 11 like in the states, but uncensored, since its taped at like 4pm New york time, which is 7am here, they should be able to get it and air it the same night.

    Unlikely though, since as was mentioned stupid foxtel has it, i love TDS and TCR (i even have some empty Americone Dream tubs from my last states trip) but i wont ever pay what foxtel currently wants for TV for any show, i’m not made of money.

    I’ll continue watching it online though, thanks 10 but no thanks, its too little at too late a timeslot, and though i don’t care about the office you shouldn’t shaft it to midnight, there are plenty of crap shows you could bump or replace.

  6. Ten is lucky to have The Office. It’s totally their target audience. It is young men 18-49. It is the #1 comedy in 18-49 in the US.

    With some nuturing and if they treated it like a hit – they could have a hit on their hands.

    I would run 7pm all summer then team with The Simpsons next year.

  7. It’s the shitty global edition, why bother putting that in primetime. Maybe if they had the actual show and put it at 6pm or something Weeknights but otherwise it’s good late night filler and again – if people don’t watch it won’t get aired at a decent time and if you are already watching the DVD’s or downloading it why care if Ten airs it?

  8. At 11.20pm most people with ratings boxes would probably be asleep as they seem to target people with families (they give boxes to these people)

    They should put it on primetime during summer to build an audience and play the first three seasons. Then show four in the ratings season; Poor Effort anyway 10 that’s why I get the show from other sources.

  9. Ten just don’t learn do they? The Daily show will not pull significantly greater numbers, I predict it will probably do the opposite. Ten have themselves to blame. When will they get it? Just stick with a schedule, and stop turning off the few viewers you have left.

  10. and this is why loyal fans of the office are just downloading the show instead. I’m obtaining the ep that screened last night in the US as i write this. which is a good 25 eps ahead of where Ten are up to.

  11. I like The Office but to fair no one seems to be watching, the times Ten have given it a chance, it has gotten terrible figures. Same last week, it got 163k, that’s a poor figure even if it is that late. Don’t know why they would pick Jon Stewart and air it at 11.20 though, would be worth a shot after rove. A great sunday night line up.

  12. I’m convinced that nobody from Ten has ever watched ‘The Office’ and have no idea what a jewel they’re throwing away. It’s as if they heard it was a cheap knock off of the British original and never bothered to look any further.

    I guess Ten isn’t the only culprit. Look at the fate of the Top 10 Comedy Series finalists at this year’s Emmys on local TV –

    Curb Your Enthusiasm – late night
    Entourage – cable
    Family Guy – late night
    Flight of the Conchords – late night
    The Office – late late night
    Pushing Daisies – yet to be screened
    30 Rock – late night
    Two and a Half Men – prime time
    Ugly Betty – prime time (but bumped)
    Weeds – prime / late / bumped

  13. Never again will I watch The Office on channel 10 , Never. Not even on their HD channel if they ever air it on that!!

    Absolutely pathetic, If they are not going to show it, let one of the pay tv channels like TV1 show it, don’t just hold onto it with no desire to screen it at all.

  14. wow 10 really hates the office, i don’t understand why they would hold off the dvd release when they care so little for the show. 7 doesn’t hold up the dvds of stargate, i’ve already rented season 4 of atlantis ages ago and they still show no signs of airing it, so why don’t 10 just let the dvd come out, that is usually what they do when they don’t give a rats about the show.

  15. grrr-e-a-t. The PracticallyMidnightAndDifficultToWatchWhilstNoddingOffOnTheCouch Show. I think I’ll check out instead and get some well needed sleep.

  16. I wish ten would show the daily edition of the daily show (as the Comedy Channel does). NZ gets the daily edition on FTA channel C4 at around 10:30pm each night (and a replay the next day in the morning). At least I can still watch it on

  17. This is such an insult to fans of The Office. Not only are we two seasons behind the Americans, but we’re forced to watch it at midnight? Thank god for DVD.

  18. 11:20 ? Why bother at all if they’re going to put it on that late?

    Looks like the ailment that affects the schedulers at ch9 and ch7 has hit C10 hard.

    Would it really have been that big a gamble to put it on earlier in the day, to get more people interested in it? When I read the title of this article i thought “great – the daily show!!!”……..but after reading the article – it’s like, oh why bother? It’s on too late for a “school” night….

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