Bunnies Theatre

Movie Extra probably won't beat the online premieres, but who's gonna mind seeing these bunnies again?

You’ve probably seen these online, now they’ve been picked up by the Movie Extra channel.

The Shining, Saw, The Exorcist, The Grudge, The Big Chill -all enacted by bunnies.

They’re all very cute and very funny, to be used as interstitials in between other flicks.

They probably won’t beat their online premieres, but they’re so much fun who’s gonna mind seeing them again?

Begins Wednesday October 8th.

Press Release:
From SUPERMAN to SAW – MOVIE EXTRA has enlisted a talented cast of animated Bunnies to give you an accelerated spin on the movies you know so well!

Premiering on-air on MOVIE EXTRA Wednesday October 8th – and just launched online this week – MOVIE EXTRA Bunnies Theatre will rock your world with rabbity renditions of favourite flicks.

MOVIE EXTRA Bunnies Theatre opens with the original superhero classic, “Superman”. Starring a “bun of steel”, this animated short cleverly packs all the storyline highlights into just 30 seconds, making for a very entertaining half-minute!

Several new Bunny shorts will premiere on MOVIE EXTRA every month, and along with Superman, October will feature a bunny-style re-enactment of The Big Chill, as well as a hilarious mix of horror titles for Halloween, including Saw, The Exorcist, The Grudge, Freddy vs. Jason and The Shining.

In November, look out for Pirates of the Carribean 3, Scream and Fight Club – it’s the only way you can see Brad Pitt played by a bunny!

With all the iconic scenes, the coolest lines and the biggest bunny-stars, MOVIE EXTRA’s Bunnies Theatre is bound to become the new addiction of film fans everywhere.

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