Gallery: Kids’ Choice Awards orange carpet

It was a case of tossing aside network alignments yesterday on the Orange Carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2008.

As Dean Geyer and Toni Pearen showed, there were no network rivalries before the cameras or the screaming fans at the annual awards show.

At Hi-Sense Arena yesterday in Melbourne, the carpet was a bit like one of those cattle runs, with the stars shepherded by publicists in between fans and media. It was a delicate act trying to please everybody.

Out for the day were Bindi Irwin & minders, Australian Idol finalists (the remaining ones anyway), Mike Goldman & Bree Amer, Rebel Wilson & Lulu McClatchy, Rove, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Ricki-Lee, Lincoln Lewis, Blue Water High, Pippa Black, John Cena, Operator Please, Shane Warne, Demelza Reveley, Charlotte Dawson, Project Runway’s Petrova and a pinkless Brian McFadden.

The winners were:

Fave TV Star Rove McManus
Fave International TV Star Miley Cyrus
Biggest Greenie Bindi Irwin
Fave Aussie Rove McManus
Fave Toon SpongeBob SquarePants
Fave Drama Show H20: Just Add Water
Fave Comedy Show Drake and Josh
Fave Action Show Friday Night Live
Fave Reality Show So You Think You Can Dance
Fave Music Show Video Hits
Fave Singer Ricki-Lee
Fave International Singer Miley Cyrus
Fave Song Shake It – Metro Station
Fave Band The Veronicas
Fave International Band Simple Plan
Fave Movie Kung Fu Panda
Fave Movie Star Zac Efron
Fave Sports Star John Cena
Funniest Duo Maude Garrett and Kyle Linahan
So Hot Right Now Australian Idol


  1. christ, you know your getting old and when you dont know who half the winners are…and “Australian Idol” winner of the “So hot right now” award? shame for channel 10 that nobody over the age of 14 thinks so!

  2. Suzie who are you trying to fool?? Bindii Irwins life is not her own. She is perpetually molded, used and trotted out to earn her mother more money. Like the rest of the money grubbing Irwin camp, she deserves no respect .

  3. Ah They were NOT Bindi’s Minders show some respect
    One was John Stainton who is Bindi’s manager
    the other was Terri Irwin whose is Bindi’s Mum
    Who disrespectful to call them her minders

  4. Thanks for the pics. According to today’s Sunday Herald Sun, recently retired St Kilda player Robert Harvey brought his wife Danielle and their children to the event too.

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