One HD set for April

One HD is the name of TEN’s new 24hr sports channel, set to air in April.

The channel promises a mix of local and international sports with two expanded editions of Sports Tonight each day, including one in prime time.

Programming is tipped to include NBA Basketball, US Open Golf, US Masters Golf, IPL Twenty20 Cricket, Trans-Tasman Netball League, Formula One Grand Prix, the Nascar series, World Golf Championship and tennis.

One HD will air on Ch 1 in high def and be rebroadcast in SD on Ch 12, currently the home of TEN HD.


  1. This great reading…… Last year one hd had the motogp. They started off with no ads. By the end of the season a race an hour long had numerous ad breaks. Motorcycle racing is a sport you cannot put ad’s in. No way , not once not ever . So I make a point to avoid any product that is advertised in those breaks. Watch through the break on my lap top then switch back to the tv once the ad’s are over. If they were committed to costumer satisfaction they wouldn’t do it. Obviously they don’t give a

  2. please explain to me with all the promises made why collingwood vs st kilda is not on one hd tonight friday 19th feb 2010.

    disheartened viewer…….

  3. One HD needs more baseball and NHL
    coming from canada, we need these things
    i get em for free on free chnls
    why do i have to pay to get foxtel just to watch these sports?

  4. one HD – you suck!

    How is it that one year ago, TenHD was broadcasting content to Canberra and all of a sudden when it came to broadcasting the same content this year, you dont have the infrastructure?

    You can count ONE viewer goodbye..I will be actively boycotting one HD. I’ll stick to streaming from the web.
    Losing potential advertising revenue during GFC – priceless!!!

  5. southern cross dont care about regional viewers , they show contempt when you contact them about the ONE launch to regional victoria . The excuses they give are pr spin a two year old would know is rubbish. If a company cant be honest with its customers and stuff up something like this , they are obviously run by bozos , Freeview is a con , and it is discriminatory to regional residents by not offering the same content from metro viewers. Personally I am boycotting ONES sponsors and rubbishing Southern Cross and the monkeys running the network to every cricket lover in the country.(that apparantly is anywhere out of a metro tv signal)

  6. Why announce last year that we will be able to get all the IPL games live, and yet
    still have these poor excuses of delays to telecast. No wonder people go to FOX.
    Still getting Jack in Newy!!!!!!!!!

  7. My family and I have been watching some of the sports on ONE HD and have been excited about the possibility of catching the NBA which we have a keen interest in. Tonight we sit down to watch a game between the L.A. Lakers and Utah Jazz, enjoying the experience, only to be told during a newscast at half time that Utah won. Good on ya fellas! Very amateurish! If this is what we are to expect in future we will not be watching ONE HD.

  8. C’mon ch10 and One HD get your bloody act together and hurry up with broadcasting your so called 24hr sport channel to Newcastle. I too with so many other sport fans are fed up with waiting for u to get off your a**e and fix this problem!!!!!! I am a true blooded sports fan and have been patiently waiting for the IPL to start and what do I discover????? You guessed it, no sport. What a joke Ch 10 you should all be ashamed of yourselves if you have worked with ONHD. An explaination would be nice to let all of us know when we can expect to recieve OneHD.

  9. So it looks like Tassie misses out on the IPL twenty20 as it shown live on oneHD bulls**t. Once again Tassie looks like it misses out and i spent so many late nights up last watching it Damn you ONEHD damn you southercross Damn you all

  10. Jordan McDonald

    Hey I live in cairns and like most people love sport, does anyone know when One HD gets to cairns and if they are boardcasting all afl games??


  11. i live in Bendigo and just got a hd set top box….biggest waste of money!! there are no knew free to air programes!! and as for one hd!!! its a joke!! somone needs to get their act together! dont promise what you cant deliver!!!
    all my ten hd shows is just pictures with music! who whants to watch that??
    does anyone know when One Hd is being switched on in Bendigo?

  12. I’m sharing everybody’s frustration here. I’m in Newcastle and filthy that we don’t have One HD here yet so I’ll miss getting to see this year’s IPL. Seems they’d rather have on some washed up celebrities trying to flog some kitchen appliance. Not Happy!!!!

  13. Hey, i hear that Canberra won’t be getting ONE HD till June this year….??!! That totally sucks! We’re supposed to be the Nations Capital and yet we are “regional” so have to wait. pffft please. I also noticed on the sports in Ten news that the first round of the MotoGP will be shown on ONE HD not TEN as they always have…. im a huge fan of MotoGP and i’m very dissappointed that i won’t be able to watch every round…… until June!!! blah so annoyed.

  14. jason lindenmayer

    What is the go with the new 1 HD channel?.. We brought a new tv with HD just to watch the new 1 HD channel so whats the go there?

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