Returning: CSI: NY. Gone: Gordon Ramsay

If it isn’t already known for it, Nine is now the Two and Half Men and CSI network.

CSI: NY is returning to screen to replace plans for Hell’s Kitchen, which in turn was replacing Kitchen Nightmares USA. Last night the Chef only managed 593,000 viewers -fourth in its timeslot.

“Personal Foul” the 19th episode of the fourth season returns at 9:30pm Wednesday October 15.

Yesterday Nine announced new CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from Monday October 13.

Even this website is beginning to lose track of what Nine episodes are going where these days.


  1. WTF?!? I didn’t even know it was on for the last few weeks, and assumed they were just mucking around with it (again!)! So, they put it on at a different time each week, don’t promote it and then wonder why nobody watches it?!? Jeez it’s amateur hour down there in Bendigo St.

    In case you haven’t noticed, Channel 9- THIS is the reason people download shows instead of watching it whenever you decide to show them.

  2. Like most viewers, I am fed up with shows running overtime that I ended up used to having to program my DVD recorder so that it records 10min before the next show and 45min after that. Now I don’t even bother with this as I just watch them on DVD anyway.

  3. I love Kitchen Nightmares but the reason I missed it was I am so confused with channel 9’s lack of TV guide that I thought it was already pulled off so I didn’t even check at that time. It’s not the same without all the expletives either. It makes him look too nice.

  4. YES!!! About time!!! I was wondering when CSI: NY was coming back!!! I agree Travis. It is a little weird that CSI: NY doesn’t start next week. Oh well, at least its coming back!!!

  5. Wonder what slogan Nine will trot out at the start of next year ?

    Still the One !
    Was The One ?
    We are The one with Ramsay,Charlie & CSI and NO clear programming guide.

  6. Tom: I now routinely pad Nine recordings with 25 minutes at the end to deal with their deliberate overruns.

    Evil: they were still severely editing on last night’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares. I counted about a dozen language snips, and at least one removed scene. Episodes 1 and 2 of Fringe were also heavily edited, presumably to avoid an MA rating in the case of the second episode, but almost certainly to shorten the run time of the pilot (which ran 12 minutes shorter than the original US version).

    As for the muppets at Nine… well, once again, INCOMPETENT. The printed guides will of course list Ramsay of one flavour or another, so CSI fans won’t even know their show is on. Ramsay fans will turn off in disgust and start downloading. So what’s the point? All this screwing around of the viewer in a panic due to Nine trying to read the minds of a minuscule group of people (those with ratings meters). And while Nine fiddles, their audience burns…

  7. Nine — maybe if you haven’t started the Kitchen Nightmares USA season with a recap and severely edited the first few episodes you’d have better ratings.

  8. David, does this mean Hell’s Kitchen will air next Wednesday or will Kitchen Nightmares? A little weird that CSI: NY doesn’t start next week!

  9. There are many other shows that suffer the same fate and there are billions of different reasons why they’re not rating.

    I’m sick of the s**t networks keep pulling. Didn’t CSI:NY come back a while ago just for a few episodes? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s pulled once again. I’ll give it three weeks.

  10. Crap! That means I missed the end of Fringe last night. I PVR’d it.
    I added additonal time on the end, like 5-10 mins, not 12.
    Now I will have to download, thanks Channel Nine, another reason not to watch you.

  11. Sephiroth_FF, the shows didn’t rate well because people are over them not because they think 9 will move them! How come CSI, Two and a Half Men, Sea Patrol, Underbelly all rated well? Because the viewers enjoy them – only a select few people will not watch a show because it’s on Channel Nine.

  12. I noticed fringe went 12 minutes late last night. I know that nine can’t afford to lose 10 minutes (or there abouts) worth of ads due to the ‘remote free tv’ initiative by fox, but at least advertise it starting late due to an extension of the show. Having said that, i was never appealed by gordon ramsay’s shows.

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