Returning: Jamie Oliver. Bumped: Kenny. Gone: Bondi

No surprises here. TEN pulls Bondi Rescue: Bali in order to save House.

No surprises here, TEN has finally moved on its under-performing 7:30pm Wednesday timeslot and dropped Bondi Rescue: Bali immediately.

It will replace it with Jamie’s Ministry of Food from Wednesday October 8.

Kenny’s World will move to 8pm Tuesdays from October 14, edging out the second of a double Simpsons finale.

The switch is designed to address disappointing returns for House and plug the lack of interest in Bondi Rescue: Bali. Despite stellar ratings for the original Bondi series, and a Logie win, the Bali version hasn’t connected with audiences.

This week it only managed 632,000 viewers against Two and a Half Men’s 1.51m. It is the third show TEN has dropped within one week. No word on unaired episodes yet.

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  1. BONDI NEEDS to stay it cant just go let the season finsih and no one would watch that jamie oliver show because thats like for older people coz like yeah its not like us teenagers cook in the ktchen and plus bondi has lessons in there like dont swim outside of the flag dont go too deep into the water if u know your not a good swimmer and plus it gives out the education for the younger ones yes it has is ups and downs but it needs to stay

    this is a message opn behalf of the lifeguards at bondi……im deanos cousin

  2. Good move by Ten. Not sure about the sort of numbers that Jamie Oliver will get though… Hopefully it’ll fix House’s dismal (and surprising) ratings so far.

    Goodness knows why people are watching Criminal Minds instead of House (although Spicks and Specks provides some worthy competition).

  3. No wonder BRB has gone with ratings like that at least 10 gave it a chance I think that Kenny will sadly be next it just wont rate up against FMF maybe channel 10 could do another spin off from bondi rescue called

    bondi rescue channel 10

  4. God, TEN must be killing themselves for not being able to get TGYH back this year…they better hope the Working Dog team can come back for 2009..imagine what House could be doing if it had fresh TGYH episodes leading in?

    Another good idea I’ve heard is to move 5th Grader to Wednesday and then replace that timeslot with something else (clearly Jamie Oliver would do)..maybe too much confusion?

  5. yep i watch kenny too, and i know it’s appearance has caused a raise in the rental of the kenny movie too. but i don’t watch jamie, so in my case it won’t boost the wednesday numbers, but it may rate well i don’t know.

  6. Finally Ten makes the change. Glad they’re keeping Kenny on though that 8pm timeslot on a Tuesday will be tough against Find My Family. There’s no new episode of House next week in US, so it’ll be interesting to see if they fasttrack the following week’s episode (October 22 here), because it’d be the same day as US.

  7. ditto – kenny is a cracker of a show……uh oh – i’ve just admitted i like a show on ten…..that’s the kiss of death for it……when i get into a show – it gets knocked around a bit,and then axed / delayed…….I apologise if it gets axed / bumped…..lol

  8. This is getting insane. No wonder ratings are down. Nothing seems to be on the same time the next week. I wouldn’t be surprized if House gets de-fast tracked next week if it has bad ratings with the Jamie lead in.

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