Vote 1 Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Nine and a half minutes.

That’s how long The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck spent introducing Sarah Palin to a political rally in Florida on the weekend.

She whooped it up, with lots of red white ‘n’ blue for the Governor, with such fervor, you’d think she was running herself.

It follows her continued, outspoken comments on The View, including a recent clash with panellist Joy Behar. She was of course, also on the other end of a feud with former host Rosie O’Donnell.

Last week even Barbara Walters asked her to stop wearing pro-McCain clothes on the show.

Then there was a row with Joy Behar…

And a debate with Whoopi Goldberg…

The View airs 12pm weekdays on Nine.


  1. Lou; i agree with you completely. The other girls on the View actually present two sides in their arguments, conceding some facts about Obama but Elizabeth refuses to let anyone go against McCain or Palin. I’m 100% with you, ali, she is as ignorant and idiotic as Sarah Palin; probably why they’re such good buddies. Everything about Elizabeth annoys me. her voice, her clothes, her attitude. She’s purely their to stir the pot but good god she’s a pain in the ass.

  2. she hasnt got much credit to be honest. how can anyone take a reality tv show so serious. she is a moron. she is just perve on that show and that about it. thats why they put her on the show

  3. It was the ultimate irony when Elisabeth recently accused Joy Behar of “drinking the Obama Kool-Aid”, as if she herself wasn’t a mindless robot set to spewing pro-Republican anti-Obama talking points. The most repulsive personality on television.

  4. SwaySlayer, if you think she’s bad, you should see Ann Coulter, an even more stick-thin Republican mouthpiece. She makes Andrew Bolt look like Mahatma Gandhi!

    As for Hasselbeck, she’s a moron, pure and simple.

  5. Lou.. I totally agree with you..
    the woman is insane..
    but its a good tv..

    but to sane people.. you just think.. my god she has children.. and they are going to grow up thinking that sarah palin is ok..

  6. This world is a scary place when a stick-thin, conservative, ex reality show contestant has a forum to heap praise on an equally right wing, gun-toting, anti-abortion, unqualified pitbull wearing lipstick.

    It’s a wonder Whoopi hasn’t punched her in the jaw yet.

  7. If anyone’s seen Elizabeth on the View, they’d know she REFUSES to concede anything against McCain or the republicans. All she does is defend the republicans and blame and attack Obama over any and everything.

    She never actually answers a question, only deflects blame on Obama and the democrats.

    She’s a Survivor reject, in more than one way…

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