Airdate: Out of the Blue. Bumped: TEN Late News

As tipped by TV Tonight, TEN has now slated the Aussie soap Out of the Blue into its schedule.

But unlike many who were expecting it as an early evening soap, it will instead be stripped at 10:30pm weeknights. The series begins with the reunion of old school friends in Manly, but soon leads to murder.

That pushes TEN Late News with Sports Tonight to 11pm with The Late Show with David Letterman set at 11:45pm.

The Aussie-made soap, recently got a second lease on life when it was picked up by Five in the UK, following a disappointing reception on the BBC. TEN screening it over summer will pick up some much-needed local content points from the show.

The first episode airs on Monday November 17.

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  1. If TEN put it on 7PM after H&A finishes there is a chance they could get a little ratings winner for them.. Why not take the risk? It’s not as if they could get any worse..

  2. WTF? ten news does so well for its timeslot, god ten you are idiots.
    seriously, why do you put out of the blue on at 10:30 and don’t axe will and grace already, the ratings are shocking. 500k sad

  3. How could it not meet classification? PG can run at 7pm, surely this would be PG not M otherwise not that hard to edit but it would meet PG if it aired at 5.30 in England.

  4. Watching ten news and lettermen is usually the way I spend watching tv before heading to bed. With both showed bumped by thirty minutes, that won’t happen any more. Bad move ten. Good for ABC’s Lateline 🙂

  5. I agree. Why is OOTB scheduled for 10.30pm? Does Australia and Britain have different TV classifications? Maybe when the ratings season is over, OOTB can be put back at 7pm.

  6. how on earth could there by classifcation issues when it was shown in the middle of the afternoon in the UK? Absolute stupidity, why they didnt put it in H&As 7pm slot when it ends for the year is beyond me….

  7. Good to see it finally air but 10:30pm is a little late. It isn’t another Number 96 is it?

    At least there is less and weaker competition on at 10:30pm. It may help with increasing Ten’s ratings post 10:30pm though but it probably won’t. It would probably be fatal if it aired at 7pm or even 6pm.

    Strange move but at least we finally see it in 2 weeks.

  8. In the UK, OOTB was shown at 5.30pm (replacing Neighbours on BBC) wasn’t it? So it can’t be too risque for a 6pm or 7pm showing here? Ten News at 10.30 has been there for 18 years now and has outlived all competition fired at it from Seven and Nine, so why bump it to later in the evening?

    They might have been better to even run it as double-eps at 8.30pm or 9.30pm one or two nights a week over summer, let the viewers get to know it. 10.30 is too late.

  9. Raymond is out, straight from Letterman to Home Shopping.

    Once again guys, it sounds like there may have been some classification issues for early evenings. And any later TEN wouldn’t get local content points. Clearly they couldn’t see it working at 8 / 9 / 9.30 every night etc.

    If you’re not happy with our classification or local content rulings that’s a matter to raise with government.

  10. Why TEN why!?!? I wanted to watch Out of the Blue… But at 10:30 I’m generally getting ready for school the next day.

    Well.. Another show to record to watch the next day. Thanks a lot TEN. You guys had a good show that could’ve helped fix your early-night lineup, but you guys screwed it up once again.

  11. I agree, shocking move. Why couldn’t they trial it at 7pm? At least it’d be something new for a change and something which we know has had positive reviews already. Should’ve waited til the Neighbours 2009 premiere, start it at 7 then without H&A as the rival and let it build an audience. They can’t exactly do anything worse than that (apart from this).

  12. WTF. Why don’t they just take off Will & Grace with the horrible ratings it’s receiving and replace it with this, instead of putting it at 10:30pm without even knowing how it would do. Crazy move by Ten.

  13. WTF????????????
    ten are idiots ten news is the only timeslot they consitently win, why change it???
    also ten news rates terriblely at ll as proved when it followed big brother and mark love sharron earlyer this year

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