All Saints

Nurse Dan Goldman has his last day of work at the Western General Hospital in a significant episode. 9:30pm Tuesday on Seven.

  • Survivor: Micronesia
  • Navy Divers
  • Rush
  • John Adams
  • The Nest

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  1. Given we weren’t witness to Mark’s private life nor on set I think wild speculation isn’t helpful. Personally I doubt the plot of his weekly fictional soap had any bearing on what was going on in the real world. I also wouldn’t be making any judgements on his co-stars who are clearly dealing with a lot of anguish. In many cases people won’t let you help them, or give any indication of anything wrong. I think all we can conclude from these last episodes is that Mark was an excellent actor…


  2. So Mark Priestley decided to end his life after filming this episode, such a sad end to a life, the plot line in this episode (and the previous weeks) must have been all too much for his fragile soul.

    People I know at work had said that they wondered why the cast had not noticed a change in his mood before the tragic decision Mark made, after watching these episodes it is little wonder no-one thought there was something wrong, as he had too play a lost soul character.

    So sad.

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