James Brayshaw & Josh Lawson for Wipeout

Nine appoints a sports presenter and an actor to front the Aussie version of that crazy game show.

Footy Show host James Brayshaw and actor Josh Lawson will co-host the Australian series of Wipeout.

The series is shot on the same course as international versions, in Argentina.

Former Wheel of Fortune co-host Kelly Landry is also on the presenting team.

The appointment of Lawson to the role, who has a strong comedy and acting background, is certainly a good choice. As anybody who has watched the show knows, the hosts are almost a show unto themselves, a veritable parody of extreme sports shows.

“The first time I saw Wipeout, I had no idea what I was looking at,” Brayshaw said. “My oldest sons were looking at it on YouTube on their computer. I asked what it was and they said, ‘Dad, it is Wipeout.’

“I always think if the two older of my boys think something is cool then there is a good chance that it is.”

So far, there’s no word if the Brayshaw and Lawson will actually travel to the location, or merely commentate from a studio like the US hosts do. TV Tonight is hedging its bets on the latter, with Landry likely to be on the ground in Argentina.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. I can’t believe I let this news item slip through! The pair are the perfect choice in my opinion. A guy that knows his sports and a guy that can make us laugh. Both qualities are essential for this show so I believe Channel Nine have made the right decision here.

  2. This adds fuel to the rumors Eddie will be returning to the hosting chair of The Footy Show – Nine have given Brayshaw hosting roles on The Sunday Footy Show and Wipeout. Garry Lyon already has Footy Classified, and maybe will get a gig hosting Today when Karl is away.

  3. Saturation cit – when will networks learn.
    Brayshaw will make me turn off – Eddie,Ramsay,Bert,Sheen,O”Keefe,Koch,Jackie O, Kyle – too much is too much.
    variety is spice of life or do networks think we only like 3 stars.

  4. I don’t care for Brayshaw at all… don’t hate him as I do other TV personalities, but he doesn’t do anythign to inspire me.

    Lawson on the other hand… he is a perfect choice for this role. I hope they establish a good chemistry and work well together.

  5. Andy, once the series finishes filming, it won’t be that hard for JB to stan infornt of a greenscreen for a few days and record some lines. That leaves him with plenty of time for his other committments.

  6. Earthquake – Roy and HG would have been brilliant!!

    Josh Lawson is a very funny man, and James Brayshaw is a good choice too. I think this show has potential for 9, especially since they are using the same course used for the US. If they tried to make their own Aussie course it might not work out.

    I wonder though whether they’ll try a celeb version first?

  7. Wipeout USA shot in Argentina? Not true.

    All international versions of Wipeout are shot on a course in Argentina.

    The US version of Wipeout is shot on a ranch just outside the city of Santa Clarita, California.

  8. Are there any shows left Brayshaw isn’t hosting? We need to come up with a play on his name – I nominate ‘JB-quitous’.

    I agree that Josh Lawson would work well for the show, but JB-quitous? I don’t think he’s much of a wisecracker; all he usually does is talk hyperbole and go “ha-haw!”

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