Gallery: Grundy TV reunion

Famous faces from Sale of the Century, Perfect Match, Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right gathered for a reunion last week.

TV legends and industry veterans gathered last week in Melbourne for a long-awaited Grundy Television reunion.

Legendary Pete Smith said there were faces from Sale of the Century, Perfect Match, The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune.

“It was a great get together with not only quiz show hosts but people from behind-the-scenes on all the shows Grundy produced over the years. Notable attendees included Tony Barber, Greg Evans, Glenn Ridge, Philip Brady…. even me,” he told TV Tonight.

“All all the beautiful hostesses from those quiz shows including Nicky Buckley and Jo Silvagni (nee Bailey). They looked absolutely fabulous. Especially when you consider the years that have passed since the shows you’re on the air.

“The function was organised by long time Grundy production people; most notably Jan Campbell and Amanda Marshall.”

The event was held on Friday night at Elwood Bathers after several delays due to the pandemic.

Joining them were announcers John Deeks and Shawn Cosgrove, host and warm-up man Michael Pope, host Rob Elliot, producer Pam Barnes, models Ann-Maree Cooksley, Celeste Billing, Murray Bingham, Suzie Cole, Charlie Irwin, Marianne Van Dorslar -and Melbourne TV legend Annette Allison.

Photos: Kyad Photography & Media Services

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  1. Thanks David. Yes that what I was asking, though poorly worded.

    I understood that Fremantle was still going, but was unsure how many of their shows still had a some connection. The last two I could think of were Wentworth and Neighbours.

    As you say a revival is possible at anytime. I was waiting for a Sons and Daughters revival after the revivals of both Dallas and Dynasty.

    1. You’re asking if any shows during Grundy era are still on air? I’d say Neighbours was last because Pearson TV bought Grundy in 1995 then became Fremantle. Some long term Fremantle titles such as Farmer Wants a Wife, Got Talent continue, and who knows when Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud or Blankety Blanks etc might get revived! Heartbreak High is back after all!

  2. Great great post DK. Warmed my heart to see Tony Barber so hale and hearty! (There’s an expression I haven’t used for years). I grew up watching his infectious enthusiasm on Great Temptation. Fabulous sea of faces. Looked like a terrific event.

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