Ramsay to cut back swearing

Love him or loathe him, it just wouldn’t be the same. Gordon Ramsay says he will try to play nicer.

The famously foul-mouthed TV chef wants to be known for his cooking instead, reports The Mirror.

A source told the newspaper that he has become tired of people asking him to sign books ‘F*** off, Gordon Ramsay’.

“He’s aware of the current criticism and complaints about too much swearing and wants to tone things down in keeping with the attitude of the public,” the source said.

“There is not much chance of him presenting entire shows without swearing at all, but he is certainly going to clean up his act.”

Source: Digital Spy


  1. Don’t want him back anyway.

    Questions need to be asked though –

    How do restaurants go 3 months down track after he left ?
    How bad are restaurants cleaning standards, if as it seems, all fridges,floors andstorage places are as filthy as Ramsay protrays ?

    What about Ramsay’s own restaurants which have been recently panned by many ?

  2. TEN.rocks- seriously ;)

    Ohh that just bull! The only reason i watch it is because of that. I like the cooking, but with his attitude and swearing it just make me tune in every time.

  3. well something has to change. for all the people saying “but then people wouldn’t watch it”: they’re no watching it anyway. you can’t go any worse than all of your shows being axed.

    I am not sure that this is the smartest move, but you can’t blame them for trying.

  4. People won’t watch his shows without his potty mouth, that would be like buying Pokemon cards last decade without the Pokemon!! He needs his novelty act, otherwise people will lose interest

  5. this wont last long, if he cuts out the cursing then he just goes back to the pack with every other TV chef and he wont have a point of difference, you think his shows would have done so well on Ch 9 earlier in the year if they were just nice, normal congenial cooking shows…i dont think so!

  6. He’s said all this before – including in response to criticism of his swearing in Australia – but I doubt he’s really got all that much control over it.

    And anyway, he plays up to the image. Look at the Today Show interview he did last time he was in Australia (I posted highlights of it on YouTube) for example.

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