Wes wins Australian Idol

Wes Carr has been named the winner of Australian Idol 2008.

Carr beat shearer Luke Dickens for the title in the damp finale staged outside the Sydney Opera House.

“I’m shaking!” he said, before reading a prepared speech thanking crew, family, fellow contestants and fans.

Carr wins a management and recording contract with Sony Music, a $200,00 Artist Development Fund, a new car.

His new debut single “You” is available for download tomorrow and in stores on December 3rd.


  1. Francesco, I used to regularly watch Idol, and I was watching this year until all the interesting contestants got voted out. Since then I’ve PVR’d it and “speed-watched” it.

    No, I never vote. Why should I line the pockets of corporates to help them run their show? Voting should be free, as it is on American Idol. And there should be full disclosure of the vote numbers each week (the so-called “full disclosure” on last night’s final was anything but).

    I can appreciate how hard the crew worked on the show last night, though, and I shudder to think how much equipment got water damaged. Potbelleez’ keyboard player did not look impressed 🙂

  2. Idol was definitely the weakest it’s ever been this year and it was mainly due to the top 12 but there were a couple of standouts. Thanh was my favourite and Chrislyn was very good but I liked Wes more and more each time I saw him. I’m really glad he won. Thanks goodness Mark didn’t win. There’s always that one person everyone seems to love but whom I find very, very mediocre. One of the worst contestants this season.

  3. Congrats to Wes. He has potential to be one of the best performers to come out of Idol.

    I hope this isn’t the last we hear of Luke though. He was one of my favourites this season.

  4. After working on this show from the start, I have realised that all those that dont like the talent never vote.
    But are always the most vocal about who should stay and go.

    And apparently never watch the show.
    But know everyone on it.
    Seems that a lot of people watch shows they dont like.
    Maybe its just not “cool” to be known as someone who likes the show.

    A lot of people worked very hard in extreme weather to bring this to air.
    We didnt get to see much of it before the night due to weather.

    It may not be to everyones taste, thats why god invented remotes!

  5. I think Wes was a stand-out this season and one of the best artists that idol has launched. He felt like a true muso from the start – had a repertoire a mile long of songs covering decades. A man and his music – can sing, perform, play multiple instruments and (sort of) dance – A well deserved win. To me the let-down would have been if Australia hadn’t voted him through. Well done Luke – a very worthy finalist from this year’s Top 12.

  6. Surely I’m not the only one completely underwhelmed by Wes Carr, and wondering why all the interesting, talented performers were ether voted out early, or never even made the final 12 at all?

  7. It was indeed a well deserving win for Wes! He was a class above the others..

    He’ll definitely join Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll, Damien Leith and Jessica Mauboy as a successful one.. Well done Wes!

  8. Natalie Gauci!! Thankyou Carta, for the life of me I couldn’t remember who the hell won the show last year… not that it really matters now… she can join in the ambiguity like what’s-his-name and that other girl…

  9. The best Idol winner so far by a long way. The winners thus far have been bleh while Wes is an exciting rocker and electrifying performer. Congrats to Luke as well as the runner up…a very well deserved final two.

  10. but a tad anti-climactic…. probably owulda had more impact if luke had’ve one, not saying he deserved to more, but an upset would’ve got more reaction fro m people… quite an awkward ending.

  11. It’s interesting that they’re not rush-releasing the CD single. Given that Natalie Gauci’s downloads weren’t strong enough to get her to #1 last year (even though the CD single reached #1 on the physical sales chart), you’d think they’d be trying everything they could to get Wes to #1. Will Wes become the first Idol not to reach the Top 2???

  12. Out of all the winners of Australian Idol, Wes would definitely be one of my favourites. It’s one thing to be able to sing, but being able to perform is equally as important.

    And it’s good to see TEN still keeping Idol big-budget even though the show isn’t attracting as many viewers. 😀

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