Gone: Deadly Surf. Returning: Old Christine.

And the first dumping of the silly season goes to: Channel Nine.

Last night Deadly Surf rated 761,000, down from 10 to 1‘s 910,000 before it. It was beaten by Air Crash Investigations, 7:30 Report and The Simpsons.

From next Wednesday December 10th The New Adventures of Old Christine returns with “Richie Scores” episode 12 of the second season.

After its success with Two and a Half Men Nine is drawing heavily on sitcoms this summer.

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  1. I didn’t think ‘Old Christine’ was really that funny. Why don’t they air some of the episodes of The King Of Queens that they have lying around.

  2. Didn’t the same thing happen during the ratings season, only both 10 to 01 and Deadly Surf were removed from the 7.30 Tuesday timeslot. WTF made them think the combo would work this time?

  3. Good to see Old Christine back, now will ch9 be dumping Gossip Girl next?

    Um I thought this was the non ratings period so why does it matter that shows are down a few 1000 viewer?

  4. This chick was hilarious on Seinfeld. I haven’t seen this show yet, it might be worth a look, although Nine are now two seasons behind on this show

  5. wow 761,000 aint that bad, i’m sure it would have done better if it was paired up with another factual thats what 7 do and they are laughing with their factuals.

    but yay for old chritine much more appropriate lead off from 10to1

    i would have put money on ten having the first cut of the silly season

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