Web campaign against Bold & Beautiful shift

Channel TEN viewers are using the internet to vent their anger over the network moving The Bold and the Beautiful to 6pm.

The American soap shifts from 4:30pm today in a bid to lift TEN’s ailing early evening figures. It will replace repeats of The Simpsons, in a timeslot that has long been the mainstay of the long-running animated series.

On TEN’s own website both Bold and Simpsons fans sound unhappy:

– To say I’m disgusted at this decision by Ten is an understatement!!

– You gotta be kidding me right? Whoever does the programming for ten should be fired. This has to be one of the worst moves ten has made.

– Please leave B&B on at 4.30. This is the time that as a mother I can sit down for 30 minutes of me time and the kids leave me alone to watch mummys show.

– Yes, I absolutely agree. Bold and Beautiful is not 6pm viewing….. I can only hope the programmers will listen to the viewers.

– It would appear Ten is not happy with their 3rd place in the ratings. Apparently they would prefer 4th place.

But the campaign doesn’t end there. One Facebook page has already attracted 5000 followers. Say NO! to Bold and Beautiful at 6pm. Bring back The Simpsons! says “C’mon Channel 10, What’s the deal!? You feed us episode after episode of our favourite dysfunctional family and now you plan on cutting us off Cold Turkey! And to replace it with Bold and the Beautiful is a giant insult to the animated series that has shaped a generation for the last 20 years.”

The site has seen a rush of new members, picking up 2000 new members in just 24 hours.

Channel TEN claims the summer non-ratings period allows them to test whether the soap can succeed at 6pm.


  1. franz chong

    God Help us all when Channel 9 Runs Out of Two and a Half Men Episodes and there is nothing suitable that is fresh and new to replace them that they have to resort to putting on Days of our Lives on at 7pm.Kerry Packer would roll over in his grave

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