Airdate: The Street

Award-winning BBC drama The Street starts on Showcase next month.

Starring Jane Horrocks, Timothy Spall, Shaun Dooley and Jim Broadbent, it won two International Emmy Awards 2007 for Best Drama and a nomination at the Rose D’or Festival last year.

Set in Manchester, each episode looks the story of one of the families along a local street. It uses younger writers to explore the dark underside of various ordinary families with Horrocks appearing as
a mother-of-three trapped in a stale marriage.

Also appearing in an episode in the second series is one Matt Smith, better known as the next Doctor Who. We might have to be patient to see that, but it sounds like an entertaining wait.

It premieres Wednesday February 4 at 8.30pm.

Press Release:


2006 | MA | Drama

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Wednesdays from February 4 at 8.30pm on showcase


Jane Horrocks stars as Angela Harper, a mother-of-three trapped in a stale marriage to the dull Arthur. She finds friend and neighbour Peter Harper only too happy to oblige. Together, they indulge in breakfast sessions of sex, chocolate and escapism from the struggle and monotony of family life. But a driving accident in the street, involving Angela’s lover, Peter Harper, throws her emotions into turmoil and leaves her family devastated.

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  1. What a shame, I don’t subscribe to Showcase and I was hoping UKTV would screen this show. I’ve been waiting for a few years. I wonder if it will get repeated later on another channel

  2. David, why do people need to Kindly link to this site when sourcing or posting in messageboards, thanks! when the Foxtel magazine for January advertises this program and its timeslot?

    Getting a bit precious aren’t we?

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