American premieres in January

Psst! Wanna know when Nip/Tuck, Damages, Big Love, 24, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Flight of the Conchords and The L Word return to US TV?

Ok, it’s a quiet news day. So you wanna know what’s returning to American screens in January? We won’t ask why…..

All dates are US dateline.

Jan. 6: After a nearly 11-month break, FX’s Nip / Tuck returns for the second installment of Season 5 (4 is on 9HD Mondays, while part 1 of S5 hasn’t started here yet).

Jan 6: ABC takes over Scrubs from NBC for what may – or may not – be its final season.

Jan. 7: Damages makes it long-awaited return with Glenn Close’s Patty Hewes keeping at least one of her enemies, Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), closer than ever in the aftermath of a case that very nearly killed the latter. William Hurt joins the cast, along with Timothy Olyphant and Marcia Gay Harden. There’s talk that Ted Danson’s character is still there too, despite being killed off in S1…. Likely to air on pay television in Oz, but when?

Jan 8: New Ugly Betty, Private Practice, 30 Rock, ER and Grey’s Anatomy.

Jan. 9: Flashpoint has a midseason return beginning with 4 episodes from S1. Nine premieres the series in Oz on January 18.

Jan 9:: Monk and Psych return with new episodes.

Jan. 11: And here comes 24 which thanks to the strike, skipped last season altogether. It’s a two-night, four-hour premiere picking up where 24: Redemption left off.  No word on when Seven plans this, but its tennis ends on Sunday February 1. It’s also Golden Globes night.

Jan. 12: Kyle XY is back for a third season starring Matt Dallas as the boy with no belly button.

Jan 13: American Idol is back with a new judge, Kara DioGuardi. Foxtel will air this just hours afterwards in Oz on Jan 14 with an average of two episodes per week.

Jan. 15: The Beast premieres with Patrick Swayze as undercover FBI agent Charles Barker, and Aussie Travis Fimmel as his partner learning things Barker never intended to teach him. Hopefully it attracts viewers for the right reasons and not Swayze’s health.

Jan 15: Fox moves Bones to Thursdays. Supernatural and Smallville are back.

Jan. 16: The electric Battlestar Galactica resumes its fourth and final season, leading up to a series finale that’s scheduled for March 20.

Jan 16: NBC premieres the third season of Friday Night Lights.

Jan: 18: Nearly 18 months after the end of its second season, HBO’s Big Love returns for a third, with the polygamous Henrickson family still trying to make it in a world that’s never going to completely understand why a man who already has three wives might want a fourth. Can’t wait for this one.

Jan 18: It’s the second-season premiere of Flight of the Conchords plus new Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and King of the Hill.

Jan 18: Here is the premiere of the sixth and final season of Showtime’s The L Word, kicking off with the death of a major character (Spoiler: find out who here)

Jan 18: Toni Collette premieres in the much anticipated United States of Tara in which she has Dissociative Identity Disorder. On Showtime.

Jan. 19: House shifts to 8 p.m. Mondays.

Jan. 21: Destiny calls for Lost in a two-hour season premiere in which, if the promos are to be believed, the castaways who escaped the island last season will attempt to go back. No word on when Seven is planning this, or just as importantly, what timeslot it’s likely to win this year.

Jan 21: Fox’s Lie to Me premieres, with Tim Roth starring as a human lie-detector (apologies to Psych and The Mentalist). TEN has this one for Oz, presumably early in ratings season.

Jan. 28: The US version of Life on Mars moves to a new time slot, after Lost. Another of TEN’s new acquisitions for 09.

Jan 29: Hell’s Kitchen.

And just because you love it:

Jan 22 (UK): Skins‘ third season premieres on Britain’s E4 channel. Promos show the new cast creating havoc in a pub.

Source: Philly.com, tvaddict.com

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  1. I’m pumped for LOST but other than that I’m not really interested. Heroes will be fun when it returns as well but thats not til February 2. Dollhouse is the new series I’m interested in watching, although if some of the reviews are to be believed, the pilot doesn’t start off with that much of a bang. I’m not too worried though, Buffy and Firefly’s pilots weren’t all that hot but the shows in themselves went on to be fantastic.

  2. David, Friday Night Lights Season Three has been airing on Direct TV 101, for the past six months. NBC are first free to air. But you already knew that, I’m sure. For those following the Direct TV timeline, the remaining eps start on January 7. Go Panthers!

    Also, one of the best episodes of TV is Hello, Goodbye – it’s what got it a SAG nomination for best writing for a Drama series,

  3. yes paul you can hook up a HD STB to your DVR, there are usually places on the backs of machines to plug another device in, usually red yellow and white connecters labled AV3 or 4 or something. you can hook up an STB to that and you set it to record as if the AV is a channel like 7 or 9 you just have to make sure the STB is turned on and on the channel you want, there is a problem if you want to get 2 HD stations and your not at home though coz there is no one to change the channel.

  4. Paull, where you getting these prices from? As said before HD stb box under $99 and a HD PVR can be had for $400 for a topfield.

    Either way I think this year we will see less HD then ever before

  5. Ok, that’s a bit better knowing that you don’t need an hd capable tv. However I still have a problem with the fact that HD recorders are still towards the 1000 mark in terms of price. Because of the shocking state of FTA tv and its relationship with ads, i don’t watch tv live anymore (less the news) and simply tape everything, mostly on a dvd-ram disc now days so i can cut out the ads before watching. Anyway, is there a way to hook up a cheap HD reciever to a vcr/ dvd recorder? Like through the line in or something?

  6. @Paull: HD isn’t really all that expensive. Ok.. maybe the TV’s are depending on your price bracket but you can still get HD set top boxes for under $100. This gives you access to the HD channels, and you can watch it on any TV. You just need a HDTV if you want HD quality picture.

  7. @tommyk: If lost goes HD i will die! And be furious at chan 7. That would be the biggest show of alienation of their viewers because i, like that majority of aussies, don’t own an hd stb, i have an SD one, but HD is still too expensive.

    Also it better come back at no later than 1030, man last season was bad enough, starts at 930pm, then moves to 1030 a couple of weeks later, then theres a 4 week ‘easter’ break. Channel 7 treat their viewers pretty poorly.

  8. i just get depressed when i think that 10HD could show the end of BSG because ONE doesn’t begin until april but they just won’t because they want everyone to forget 10HD ever existed. how will this ever come to australia, i haven’t heard about it being sold to foxtel, 10 may be considering putting it on the SD station, but that will probably only serve to delay the dvd release as 10 clutches to the rights for months before finally giving up and realising they are never gonna get around to airing it. will it ever air on any tv in this country, or are downloads and dvds the only options?

  9. I’m with you Neon Kitten. High Definition is the future and 720p downloads usually look better than the HD on FTA TV.

    I think Brothers and Sisters series 3 continues early January doesn’t it?

  10. And 2 days into February the Chuck 3D episode comes. I’m only 3 episodes away from catching up with the US. Out of that list, i’ll be watching Lost, Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy and House.

  11. Ah, a handy reference guide. Much appreciated 🙂

    From the above lolly-shop list 🙂 I’ll be downloading: Damages, 30 Rock, ER, Flashpoint, 24, Smallville, Lost, Flight Of The Conchords, The L Word… and the two I’ve been hanging out for:

    Big Love – it’s been like being in drug withdrawal being away from those characters for this long! And Skins – they’ll get the transition right, I know they will.

    All of the above shows don’t even cover 50% of the TV I download these days by default. Take note, networks. And stop selling all the quality shows to low-definition cable TV that I can’t even subscribe to – you make downloading so defensible it’s almost comedic.

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