Spoiler: The L Word: who dies?

SPOILER: Who is going to die in the sixth season of The L Word? Don't go if you don't wanna know!

It’s been alluded to in promotions for the final season.

Somebody on The L Word is going to meet their end.

But WHO?

Well like a plot ripped right out of Sunset Boulevarde, a character will be found floating in the pool in the first two minutes of the final season. Talk about lesbian noir.

The entire season will then be told in flashback.

The sixth season will premiere in the US on January 18 including a guest role by Elizabeth Berkley .

A spin-off series on Leisha Hailey’s character Alice Pieszecki will then pick up the L Word universe for fans of the show. I guess we know it ain’t her, then….

The series last aired in Australia on The Movie Network.

Ok now to find out who is going to be bumped off, click here.

(Kindly avoid naming the character in comments, please!!!).

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  1. It is a soap opera so it was only a matter of time until they pulled out this sort of story line.
    I am not suprised by the victim. Hopefully the series goes out on a high given that there is talk of a movie.

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