Lip Service: sneak peek

Check out Britain's answer to The L Word, which follows a group of lesbians living in Glasgow, Scotland.

Britain’s answer to The L Word begins on the Showcase channel this Sunday night.

The 6 part series follows a group of lesbians living in Glasgow, Scotland.

A second series is already underway.

Funny, irreverent and moving drama series which follows the interwoven love lives of Frankie, Cat and Tess, three gay women living in Glasgow whose search for happiness stirs up hidden passions and secrets.

When Frankie returns to Glasgow to investigate a mysterious message left by her dying aunt, her sudden reappearance rocks ex-girlfriend Cat, who is re-entering the dating scene after Frankie left her heart-broken two years earlier. Will her blind date with policewoman Sam be ruined?

Aspiring actress Tess has a humiliating run-in with her ex-girlfriend, but things start to look up when she finds herself being hit on by a gorgeous, and supposedly straight, TV presenter.

Lip Service begins at 8:30pm on June 19th.

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  1. Again, you’d never see this being made in Australia. Why is our TV so far behind the rest of the world in telling contemporary, interesting stories that don’t involve cops or hospitals or lawyers?

    UK TV is so much better in every way……..

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