Axed: Britannia High

We all knew from just ten minutes, this was way more S Club Seven than Fame.

Britannia High has been axed in the UK after just one series of nine episodes.

ITV1 has decided to discontinue the musical drama, which failed to be a ratings success for the channel.

The show, which cost £2 million to produce, was created by Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips and Take That singer Gary Barlow.

“We thought Britannia High would be an all-singing, all-dancing success – especially having the top names in dance and music on board,” a source told The Sun.

“Sadly, the stories of these youngsters vying for their dreams didn’t seem to capture viewers’ imagination.

“The credit crunch is affecting everything, not least TV. A second series of Britannia High was just not viable.”

Seven pulled the series after one episode but currently has rescheduled it double eps to return Saturday afternoons from January 31st.

I blame the show’s demise on Mitch Hewer’s bad hair. No wait, Adam Garcia’s acting. No wait. Gary Barlow’s choons. Oh bollocks.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. I really liked the show
    I wanted to see it again
    an the music doesn’t completely suck
    I like it
    but I blame mitch’s hair
    why couldn’t they just change it back to how it was on skins
    but anyway I don’t think its a horrible show

  2. Neon Kitten, you obviously do not know how big a name Gary Barlow is in the UK. Take That is a phenomenal success – and yes, after Robbie Williams’ departure – have a look at thier last two albums and singles successes. Just because Australian radio does not like Barlow’s anthemic mature pop does not mean squat. He wrote songs for Britannia High as you would expect, S Club 7 style pop; what did people expect? Antony and The Johnsons??

  3. I’d have to say that almost everything about this show made it destined for failure. The same S Club 7 concept all over again was the first mistake they made. Second mistake was casting people without giving them a proper make over… And number Three, The “Kid band” phase was a 90’s concept that died way before the New Millenium…

  4. I do love how the “credit crunch” is now being used in an attempt to excuse the fact that nobody watched a rubbish show 😀

    And as for “the top names in dance and music on board”… well, Gary Barlow. Arlene Phillips. ‘Nuff said.

    By the way, why on earth is “Strictly Come Dancing” actually called that? It’s got to be the single most clumsy and ridiculous title for a TV show ever. Surely.

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