Episodes at Flashpoint

Flashpoint begins in two weeks' time in Australia, but Nine plans to screen episodes out of sequence.

Nine’s Flashpoint kicks off with a “sneak peek” on Sunday January 18.

The Canadian-produced police drama has attracted good reviews and was broadcast simultaneously by CBS in July 2008 -a rare honour.

The SWAT-like action drama also began on TVNZ in December.

But Australian viewers will be getting the episodes out of sequence.

Nine plans to launch the series with episode 5, “Who’s George”, screened in full on January 18, followed by ep #4 “Asking for Flowers” on Monday January 19.

The actual pilot episode titled “Scorpio” was based on an actual event that occurred in Toronto in 2004 in which a gun-wielding hostage taker was shot and killed by an Emergency Task Force sniper.

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  1. Nine fanboys be damned, this move is just stupid. Its one thing to bump shows to absurd timeslots (Gossip Girl) only to remove them after just 3 episodes even when they’re getting half a million viewers, but to air episodes of a show out of order? Why would you even want to do that? Here’s a good idea, Don’t choose 9 in 09. Sheesh. At least Seven and Ten air their shows in the correct order.

  2. What about the character and plot development of a series?? Its reasons like this that ratings for new shows are terrible – coz no one can follow what the hell is going on!! Get with the program 9 and show the series from Episode 1.

  3. I think calling it a ‘sneak peak’ just gives them a reason to axe the show after the 2 eps bomb in the ratings. Then the show won’t be seen again until mid-year in a late timeslot.

    ..the original pink power ranger is in this show, lol

  4. lol zambora, which one should we put money on to say it first, gerrad, irishbabe, knoxoverstreet, spunkymonkeycaesar?

    @craig, i was wondering the same thing. it looks like “sneak peak” just means the first episode picked at random that they decide to show.

    9 also did it with cold case and fringe. is there any reason at all? no one seems to be able to give a good answer. not even the 9 fanboys that seem to come up with a bizarre excuse for 9 about everything.

  5. You really do have to question Australian programmers!

    It is actually insanity that in 2009 we are being subjected to a series out of order. Even these serialised shows “one-off episode” shows still have ongoing plots and character developments that progress as the series goes on. There really is no excuse to show a series out of order and really, viewers will not take it, they’ll just download the show. If this is how Nine thinks they can treat their viewers, they are absolute fools and will continue to have viewer drop offs. What a poor way for Nine to start their new year!

  6. What are they thinking ?

    waits for Nine’s plant to post in here saying “choose nine in 09′ and how Nine respect the viewing public.
    C’mon Nine, go to local store and buy some commonsense, it is cheap.
    Or if you finally admit, you are lost, just get ask 99% of the TVtonight posting (and TV viewing public) to be your programmer – not many could do worst job that you do)
    P.S. Waits for Underbelly 2 to screen in reverse order, let’s play eps back to front.

  7. just screen the dam series from the start when ratings season begins! why do u need a sneak peek for??? u show bits in promos and then screen it and hope for the best. This network, words cant describe how much i hate it.

  8. Well, I was planning on watching this on NINE, but why bother if they are just going to screw around with it from the start. This is why I hate NINE. What a ridiculous idea. I may have to download the pilot and see what it is like, and then continue to download if it is good. No point watching it on NINE if I actually want to follow the story line.

    Plus they are launching it during Non-Ratings, so they will proably cancel it after a week or two, and the cricket will for sure interupt scheduled programming, as God forbid we actually don’t show the cricket.

    Did any of the networks actually learn from their horrendous mistakes last year? I think not.

  9. why? is there any reason for doing this at all? or do they just want to PO the audience.

    i haven’t seen this but i hear that the character development is a major part of it. feels like out of sequence eps will ruin that part of it.

    i sense a repeat performance of the way 9 executed the mentalist. next they’ll move it to wed 8:30 to replace an canned show, start it late, take a week off, have a fake season final after 7 weeks, and start showing month-old reruns.

  10. well i didn’t plan on watching this but may have given it a go if the timeslot had nothing else on, but this news seals the deal, i will definately not be watching now 9, i refuse to watch shows out of sequence. i don’t know what you think you are playing at, you think you know better than the writers and people who make the show- i highly doubt it.

  11. So Nine will kick off the series with episodes that reverse the background story arc and presume you’ve already been introduced to all of the characters and their relationships.


    And very glad I downloaded it, err, forever ago.

  12. What are they thinking???

    I watched the first two eps over the weekend and liked it, the real pilot starts with a bang and really go pilot. It has a Rush/NCIS feel to it, guess I’ll have to watch a few more to see them before ch9 airs them 😛

    Has ch9 been promoting it? I’ve seen one ad just a few times, which ironically used scenes from the pilot, but with 2 weeks to air promos seem a little lite on the ground and we keep getting those Underbelly ones every day!

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