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A number of new television projects in development stage have received funding from Film Victoria, providing us with a peek into the future should they ever be realised.

The inimitable John Clarke is developing a 6 part factual series with Summer Heights High producer Laura Waters, titled Sporting Nation. Waters is also developing a 6 part series, Outland, by Adam Richard & John Richards.

Actor Adam Zwar (Wilfred) is working on an 8 part series Lowdown which promises “Each week – a new assignment, a new celebrity, a new disaster.”

El Mariachi is the name of a superhero character transformed from his alter-ego Ricky, via a mystical moustache. These 11 min shorts (all 52 of them!) are being developed by producers Andrew Davies and Michael Amos.

Producer Ann Darrouzet is developing a 26 part live action drama series, Go Girl, for the 8 – 10 age group. Adapted from the 30 title collection of novellas of the same name which have sold over a million and a half copies in Australia and New Zealand, and recently launched in the UK and USA.

And as a side note, Rebel Wilson is working of a feature film, Slapper Warrior, a musical action comedy about a girl’s quest to avenge the death of her parents.

So far the projects are proceeding at various stages of script development.

Source: Film Victoria


  1. Great to see a state government assisting with local productions.

    We hear all the time about international productions taking place in Australia. They might bring money but they do not add anything to our culture and our place in the world.

    Hopefully increased funding to SBS and the ABC will boost production in other states as well and we can finally get to see many many more Australian stories being told on television.

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