Ramsay to visit Gold Coast

Gordon Ramsay will be visiting the Gold Coast in JuneĀ as part of Sanctuary Cove’s 21st birthday celebrations.

Sanctuary Cove CEO, Geoff Grady, said having Ramsay visit the resort was a major coup and would be part of a number of festivities planned to celebrate the anniversary.

Ramsay will host three lunches and three dinners over the weekend of June 12-14, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency.

No doubt his visit will provide more interviews and promotional opportunities for Nine. Last year the Kitchen Nightmares chef said he planned to open a new restaurant in Melbourne.

Source: Gold Coast News


  1. it’s great to see someone who is as passionate about cooking as i am..Ramsey’s demand for quality and consistancy can not be faulted. He drive and energy is un matched. I look forward in meeting him personally. Although i must say 750$ a ticket is a bit steep. good luck to anyone who would pay that much. i hope its worth it all thought i have no doubt it wouldnt be. Just gelous i cant go.

  2. A major coup – you have to be joking.
    Ramsay has had his 2mins of fame – time to disappear or stay in England where we can’t see or hear him whine.

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